Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Week of 13 November 1944

Monday, 13 November

210 Coleherne Court

Feeling much better. Lil has got Lumbago and stayed in bed all day except for hopping in and out to do inevitable chores. We are without domestic help of any kind.

I dined with Reg at the Berkeley Grill. Very pleasant.

We saw Roddy and Diana and had a few words with them afterwards.

Tirpitz sunk.

Tuesday, 14 November

Icy cold day. Lil definitely better, but not up to much and kept mostly to bed and did not dress at all. I went to the dentist, Frank Butler, and got fitted for my plate.

Mr Churchill back from Paris.

Wednesday, 15 November

Feeling much better. Lil also, and up to lunch to which Reg came. We had a meal after his own heart starting with sardines, and he greatly approved of a shepherd"s pie which I had made.

I took a short walk with him afterwards round Bramham Gardens before leaving him at Earls Court Station.

Thursday, 16 November

210 Coleherne Court - 179 West Heath Road

Fine bright day. Feeling nearly all right. After lunch bussed out to Hampstead to spend the night whilst Anne and Grattan went to see The Circle at the Haymarket.

Sarah looking very nice and pretty and as good and gold.

Great battles being waged by 6 armies from Holland to Switzerland.

Friday, 17 November

179 West Heath Road - 210 Coleherne Court

Drenching downpour all day. I felt tired and stayed in bed till nearly lunchtime. Got back to Lil's flat in time for tea. Found her much better.

Graham Howe had lunched with her.

Very good news from the Western Front.

Saturday, 18 November

210 Coleherne Court

Much better day and quite mild. I felt better than I have done for some time. Went into the West End this morning and after several failures managed to buy myself a waterproof at A & N stores.

In the afternoon I paid Enid a visit (it must be quite a fortnight since I saw her last) and then went on to tea with Mab.

It is feared that Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory and his wife have lost their lives flying out to the Middle East where he was taking up his new appointment.

Sunday, 19 November

Blowing a gale and some rain, but quite mild. I went to church over the way (Redcliffe Sq). Not inspiring and I shan't go again.

Stayed indoors in the afternoon, till I went over to tea with Mabel. Margot Osborne was there, looking very nice in her WREN uniform. Afterwards I went to see Aunt Julia in her new flat at 17 Malvern Court. She is much aged (87) which is not surprising after her blitz experiences.

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