Thursday, 16 July 2009

Week of 20 November 1944

Monday, 20 November

210 Coleherne Court

Fine morning and did some shopping. In the afternoon I went to tea with Elizabeth Thompson at her flat in Kensington Park Gardens. It poured with rain on my way back.

Tuesday, 21 November

A lovely fine day, quite Swiss-like. Went to Frank Butler and came back wearing my new top plate. It could not be more comfortable. Mabel met me there and we came back and lunched at Bearey [?].

Afterwards bussed to Putney Bridge to view the landscape over there as I had heard that flats there were very good and cheap. Did not actually see any. Came back to tea with Mabel and then back here.

Wednesday, 22 November

A loud explosion last night. We hear it was Battersea. Very warm enervating day. Lil felt sick and seedy after a bad night and stayed in bed till tea time. Enid came and had tea with us. I met Anne in the afternoon and we chose a cornflower blue coat and leggings for Sarah; it is my Christmas present to her.

Thursday, 23 November

A fine day. Lil and I busy all morning preparing lunch for Felix and Louise Mayer who greatly enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards I rested a bit before going to tea at Mabel's to meet Kathleen Hill (just back from Devonshire) and Nan Park.

Friday, 24 November

Did a whole day's shopping, leaving the flat at 10.30 and not returning till 6.30. Far too long and I was dead to the world.

I lunched at Searer in Sloane St and had tea with Enid, and looked in on Mabel afterwards.

Saturday, 25 November

A fine day. Lil and I took a lazy morning and lunched at the Boltons pub across the way.

Afterwards I took a bus to Kensington High St to look at the Edwardes Sq and St Mary Abbotts localities with a view to flats. I quite like that part of the world, but as far as I know there are no flats available, and would surely be too expensive.

Mabel came to tea.

Sunday, 26 November

Feeling very tired and gave church a miss.

In the afternoon I went out to Hampstead for tea with Anne and Grattan - a funny little figure, and terribly deaf, but friendly and not exigeante. [Apparently a reference to Grattan’s mother - Sarah]

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