Monday, 13 July 2009

Week of 6 November 1944

Monday, 6 November

210 Coleherne Court

I felt better and got up in time for tea. Mabel came round in the morning. It turned wet again in the afternoon.

Tuesday, 7 November

Very cold day with some rain in the afternoon. I am much better but chest not clear yet. Got up before lunch but did not go out of doors.

Roosevelt has been elected President of the USA for a fourth time.

Wednesday, 8 November

Still full of cold but up and about though not out of doors yet. Sparks came in the afternoon to give the flat a good clean.

Thursday, 9 November

Felt more seedy and stayed in bed all day. Lil very tired with all her chores. She brought the wireless into my room and we listened to a recording of the Prime Minister's speech at the Mansion House.

Pips rang up and Lil answered the phone and told her I was in bed. She said that Oswald was very pleased with Master's silver baccy pouch which I had sent him for his birthday present.

Friday, 10 November

Better and got up for tea. Lil tired and poorly.

Saturday, 11 November

Quite a lot better and got up to lunch which Mabel came and had with me.

Lil lunched with Roddy and Diana, but was not really up to it, and came back and went straight to bed.

Sunday, 12 November

Lil quite up and stayed in bed all day. I went out to post the letters. My first outing for more than a week.

Quite a heavy explosion from a rocket in the evening.

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