Thursday, 16 July 2009

Week of 27 November 1944

Monday, 27 November

210 Coleherne Court - Christ's Hospital

Slept 10 solid hours but woke very tired. Packed in the morning and caught the 3.18 train down to Christ's Hospital. Pippa and all three children met me at the station, and I got a lovely welcome. James is tremendously grown . Nicky is almost unintelligible with her plate.

Tuesday, 28 November

Christ's Hospital

Pouring wet morning. I slept well, stayed in bed till 10 am.

It cleared up in the afternoon and I paid a visit to Mr Gibbs who has lately lost his only son in France.

Wednesday, 29 November

A lovely bright day. Pippa drive me in to Horsham and I did some very successful Christmas shopping.

Felt all overish and rheumatic in the afternoon and lay down till teatime.

Thursday, 30 November

A fine day. I actually raked some leaves in the afternoon, but realized that my gardening tether is much shorter than it used to be.

Friday, 1 December

A grey day. Peg and Horie called for me in the car about 10.45 and we drove over to the farm, and Ray showed me over the house and told me his plans. We had a nice cocktail and hot lunch, and in the afternoon walked round the cow byres, etc. and they dropped me back here in time for tea.

A very pleasant day but I found so much talking very tiring.

Saturday, 2 December

A day of sunshine and hail showers.

Pippa took me and Nicky and James into Horsham this morning - also Mr Gibbs. Philippa went out riding. I felt awfully tired and rested before tea. Shirley Evans came to spend the afternoon with the children.

Sunday, 3 December

A wet unpleasant day. I had meant to go to morning service but had not been told it started at 10 o'clock so was not up in time.

Went to evening service, after which there was a pleasant Christmas concert in chapel. A Grecian - Angus Somebody - came to supper.

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