Thursday, 9 July 2009

Week of 23 October 1944

Monday, 23 October


Mrs Rulton and I busy dismantling the house. Ben Bocking came up and took down blinds and lifted stair carpets, etc. Coe came up in the evening and packed hampers of onions, big bag of apples, etc.

Tuesday, 24 October

My last day at home and very hectic. No time for "memories or regrets". Pips and Wilma rang me up in the evening. I did not get finished till midnight.

Wednesday, 25 October

Sheepcote - 210 Coleherne Court

A fine morning. Tils Smith drove me to the station for the 10 am train. Mrs Rulton biked down to see me off. I could not realize I was saying goodbye for good.

Had a comfortable journey, but a long wait for a taxi and did not get to Lil's till after 1.30. She gave me the nicest of welcomes. I am delighted with her flat, and am in the acme of comfort.

Had tea with Mabel, and went across to see Enid. I did not think either of them looked well.

Thursday, 26 October

210 Coleherne Court

I felt very tired and took a very quiet morning. Mabel came across and sat with me whilst I unpacked.

After tea Lil and I went to Chatham House to hear Lord Cecil speak on Dumbarton Oaks. Very interesting and a wonderful performance from an 80-year-old.

We then went over to supper at the Crees and their very nice flat in Gloucester Road.

Friday, 27 October

210 Coleherne Court - 179 West Field Road

A bright cold day. In the afternoon I went out to Anne's flat to mount guard over Sarah while whilst she and Grattan went to the theatre. Grattan looks awfully well. He hopes he may be at home for a week or two before going overseas again. He has been given a legal job with "Military Government, Berlin" and will march in with the Army of Occupation.

Saturday, 28 October

179 West Field Road - 210 Coleherne Court

Had a lazy morning. Then took Sarah out for a walk before bussing into town with Grattan.

Got to Lil's in time for lunch. In the afternoon went over to see Ethel Browning. Thought her looking better than expected.

Loud explosion this evening from a rocket.

Sunday, 29 October

210 Coleherne Court

A cold wet day. I met Mabel and went to St Martin's with her, and had lunch and tea with her afterwards, and sat with Enid after tea.

Lil had tea with Roddy and Diana in the furnished flat in North Audley St which they have taken for the winter.

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