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Week of 19 February 1945

Monday, 19 February

1 Pelham Place

Fine day. In the afternoon I went to Allsop and Co. 153 Baker St and saw Miss Holden, recommended by Ben Allsop, a friend of Lil's. Tel. No. Primrose 3344. She was very pessimistic about my chance of getting a flat but sent me to Hanover House at the other side of the road. The superintendant could not offer me any vacancy but allowed me to see over a couple of empty top flats, rent £312. I did not like anything about them.

Winston Churchill is home again.

Tuesday, 20 February

A real spring day. I did a little shopping in the morning. The Mayers came to lunch.

In the afternoon I went to see Dr Atkinson who gave me an injection for my 30 year-old varicose vein. He thinks my great exhaustion and depression come largely from a sluggish liver and intestinal indigestion, combined with the alteration in my circumstances - too little exercise and air and too much starchy food.

Wednesday, 21 February

Fine day. Went in morning to a house agent in Baker St called Folkihard [?]. He held out no hope at all of a flat. Then went on to Lil for a short talk and back here to lunch.

In the afternoon Ethel Browning came and stayed for tea. She told us that Ruth was being treated by a woman psychoanalyst in Baker St, and she had been very upset and unnerved. I bussed back with Ethel to Wandsworth, and saw the house where they are staying with Lily Cave.

Thursday, 22 February

Much colder, I met Bet, Alice and Barnaby at Liverpool St. Train due at 11.24 but it was 12 o'clock before it arrived. We got a taxi quite easily for Hampstead by a paying return journey.

Barnaby is a very nice healthy boy but not beautiful. After lunch we went out to Golders Park and Alice and Sarah fed the wallabies. I had tea with them and got back here about 6.30.

Friday, 23 February

Cold grey day. Went up to Kensington in the morning for an emergency card and to Cecil Roy for theatre tickets for Bet and Denis next Tuesday.

After lunch I took Ethel Browning to the Forum to see Mrs Parkington, and she came back to tea.

Turkey has declared war on Germany and Japan.

Saturday, 24 February

A cold fine day. Went to Lil about 12 o'clock and helped her with chores till Graham Howe turned up for lunch at & o'clock. Afterwards he drove us to the Conway Hall, High Holborn for a meeting under the auspices of the Buddhist Society. GH was the chief speaker and gave a very interesting speech on Eastern Wisdom and Modern Thought. Christmas Humphries also spoke very well.

I went back with Lil for tea and helped her with the washing up etc.

Got back here about 7 pm.

Sunday, 25 February

Fine day. Mabel and I went to St Martin's in the morning. I then went on to the Berkeley Grill Room and met Reg there for lunch. We had a long talk and afterwards walked through St James's Park to Victoria Station, where I took a bus out to Hampstead. A great family tea party. Enid, Lil and Mabel had all come out to meet Alice and Barnaby, and Nanny Welfare was also there.

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