Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Week of 26 February 1945

Monday, 26 February

1 Pelham Place

Mild windy day. I was out a little in the morning and did some typing. After lunch I tubed to Highgate Station and then explored Highgate Village which is very attractive. Visited a house agent and heard they had no flats to offer. Had tea in the Village Cake Shop. Bussed from there to Golder's Green and walked up to Anne's flat. She and Sarah were much surprised to see me. Bet and Alice arrived soon after. They had been visiting Denis at the War Cabinet!

Mabel had Jack Miller to tea on his return from Yalta.

Tuesday, 27 February

Lunched with Anne. Pippa was there. She had not met Betty for nearly 2 years and of course had never seen Barnaby. Anne gave us a fine meal beginning with soft herring roes.

Afterwards Pippa left and Anne went into town with her to get shoes that Grattan was giving her. Bet and I took the children into Golders Park and they played on the green. It was a lovely spring day.

Bet went off after tea to meet Denis at the theatre, and I helped Anne get the children to bed, and then came back here.

Wednesday, 28 February

A fine day. Had my hair set in the afternoon by Miss Heppell.

Thursday, 1 March

A lovely day but cold. In the morning I went to Lil's flat to help her clean it up. Lunched here and then went to see Dr Atkinson. He's not yet sure whether I'll need a second injection for my varicose veins. He found me much better. I then went and sat in St James' Park and read by the lake. After tea I went and sat with Aunt Julia, and looked in on Enid on my way back.

Friday, 2 March

A lovely sunny day but quite cold. I went to the National Gallery Concert. A Beethoven and Ravel programme by the Budapest Trio.

Felt tired today.

Saturday, 3 March

I went over to Lil's in the morning to help her clean up the flat. Then lunched with Mabel at Stewart's in Old Brompton Road. Then to Elizabeth Thompson to inspect a ground floor flat under hers - quite unsuitable though with some good points.

Then on to tea with Anne and Sarah.

Sunday, 4 March

Did not go to church today. Helped Lil again in the morning. Then came back here where Ethel was lunching. In the late afternoon it turned to rain.

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