Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Week of 2 April 1945

Monday 2 April

179 West Heath Road

A stormy Easter Monday. I sat on the white seat in front of the house for a little but felt very rotten. I don't understand it but a lot of people seem in the same boat.

Anne and Sarah went up to the Heath to see the Bank Holiday crowds.

Monty's security blackout partly lifted. His armies have made a spectacular dash across northern Germany and have taken many towns.

Tuesday, 3 April

Another stormy day. I still felt in wretched shape. In the afternoon took a bus down to Barnes at Swiss Cottage and brought back ice creams for tea to Sarah's great delight.


Wednesday, 4 April

Still feeling very unwell but bussed in to lunch with Mabel. Found Roger Pemberton there and afterwards Reg came in for a talk. Tried on my hat at Jane Morris and changed our books at Harrods.

Felt good for nothing and came back here for a late tea.

Rang up Pips in the evening and got a good report of James.

Bratislava has fallen and the Russians are only 5 miles from Vienna.


Thursday, 5 April

An unpleasant sort of day, and Anne and I both felt very depressed and seedy. In the morning I bussed into Barnes for a shampoo and set, and in the afternoon I bussed to Ken Wood and walked round the grounds a bit.


Friday, 6 April

A grey day, but pleasanter feeling, and I feel better. Bussed over to Miss Godwin and tried on the renovations she is making me. Then on to Jane Morris and collected my grey hat - quite a success.

Then on to lunch with Enid who looks definitely better. Sat with Mabel for a little afterwards before changing books at Harrods and back here to tea; picking up ice cream en route. Anne has got a stiff neck.


Saturday, 7 April

A cold unpleasant day and Anne and I both felt very under the weather. But I am certainly better. I bussed to Swiss Cottage in the morning and tried for a coat without success.

In the afternoon I took a bus from Golders Green to Finsbury Park via Ken Wood and Highgate just for the sake of the run.


Sunday, 8 April

Still very cold but fine and sunny. Stayed indoors during morning. Then bussed in to see Mabel who is laid up with a heavy cold. Back here to tea and afterwards Nick [?] and I went to evening service at St Jude's on the Hill where Sir Stafford Cripps gave a very interesting address on Real Values.

Nick came back to supper with me here.















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