Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Week of 5 March

Monday, 5 March

1 Pelham Place

Felt very tired all day. Went to see Gabbitas Thring in the afternoon about schools for Joan.

Tuesday, 6 March

Did some morning shopping. Came back here about 12 o'clock and met Reg, and we bussed out together to Hampstead to lunch with Anne. Afterwards discussed possibilities for Joan's schooling. Reg left about 3, but I stayed on and went down to Golders Green and saw a house agent about flats. Nothing doing.

After tea I stopped at St John's Wood on my way back and looked at Elm Tree Flats recommended by Mr Sloan but nothing doing.

Wednesday, 7 March

Went to Kensington Food Office about my card. Looked in on Lil on my way back. Lunched with Mabel at Jane Brown. Afterwards went to the Mulberry Dock Exhibition in Great George St. Very interesting.

Came back to tea. Kathleen Hill and Mrs Arnold Brown were here.

Cologne captured.

Thursday, 8 March

Fine day. Saw Dr Atkinson who was very pleased with my leg.

Anne brought Sarah to tea here and Peggy Richardson also brought her Sarah. Dan also came in and provided an ice cream. A very successful party. Afterwards I walked over to Lil and had a nice talk and a drink.

The American Army is across the Rhine.

Friday, 8 March

A lovely sunny day. Mabel and I went to the morning performance of The Keys of the Kingdom at the Odeon. Quite a good film but not drawing good audiences.

Shopped in the afternoon and Enid looked in at teatime.

Rang up Bet in the evening. Hester and Awly have mumps.

Saturday, 10 March

1 Pelham Place - Christ's Hospital

Very busy in the morning, shopping and packing. Irene Cox came to lunch. Caught the 3.18 train down to Horsham. Pippa met me at the station with Philippa and Nicky.

A lovely evening. Everyone looking very well.

Sunday, 11 March

Christ's Hospital

Pippa's birthday. I actually got up to breakfast so as to see her get her presents in the study afterwards. She and Oswald had been to the Early Service. I went to morning chapel and again in the evening. A Miss Iredali [?] came to tea, and Geoffrey Smith and Angus somebody to supper.

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