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Week of 14 May 1945

Monday 14 May

179 West Heath Road

Blowing half a gale, a great drop in temperature. Ethel Browning came out to lunch and stayed till after tea, but did not go out of doors.


Tuesday, 15 May

Still blowing hard, but a better day and turned into a lovely evening. Wilma arrived at teatime, in very good fettle and looking very fit and nice. After supper we walked over the Heath, and the view was wonderful.


Wednesday, 16 May

A lovely warm day, but still very windy. Pippa was up in town and came out to lunch.

Wilma was lunching with a party at the Carleton and went on to a matinee of Emlyn Williams's play. She came back for a bath before going to the Dorchester to dance with one of the party.


Thursday, 17 May

I felt tired and all over and spent most of the morning in bed. After lunch I took Sarah into the Park whilst Anne and Wilma went to the Odeon Cinema to see Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward which they said was first rate. In the evening Patience came to supper and Michael Robb came to fetch her later. We all tried in vain to get a car to take them to Waterloo tomorrow.

Sarah very off colour and fretful.


Friday, 18 May

179 West Heath Road - Christ's Hospital

A lovely day. Wilma got off before 9 am to meet the Robbs at Golders Green. They were all travelling down together to Devonshire.

After an early lunch I bussed down to Victoria and got a relief train down here. Quite a comfortable journey. Arrived in time for a nice tea. Tubby Clayton was here, and very nice and pleasant. The lupins in the garden are quite lovely. Later went down with Pippa to see the children bathe. Rang up Anne and heard that Sarah was much better.

I have got a cold on my chest, and am very hoarse.


Saturday, 19 May

Christ's Hospital

An unsettled and unpleasant sort of day. My cough is troublesome and I felt good for nothing. Stayed in bed till nearly lunchtime. Did a little gardening in the afternoon. Mabel rang up to say that she and Reg had had a comfortable journey back from Tenby.


Sunday, 20 May

Still feeling a wretched shape but no temperature so went with Pippa and Oswald to early communion, and again in the evening. Otherwise did very little. There were some very heavy showers.

The Trieste position most depressing and progress at San Francisco doesn't seem too good.

Margaret Harvey (a friend of Margaret Mabey's) came in after supper.

Mabel rang up to know how I was.



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