Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Week of 1 October 1945

Monday, 1 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Another lovely day. I felt better and was much cheered by the arrival of Mrs Goodship at 9.30 to do my morning work. At a first go she seems excellent. I lunched at the Clifton Restaurant. Afterwards tried for a gas cooker for my future ?? and a gas fire for my bedroom. No luck.

Tilling finished his many jobs here and handed back his key.

Tuesday, 2 October

A sunless enervating day. Mrs Goodship turned up again to my great satisfaction. I lunched with Mabel and thought her very low and poorly. Rang up Anne from there and was answered by Grattan who turned up unexpectedly yesterday from Berlin on 12 days leave. Anne has neuralgia! Rang up Lil who is still in bed with gastric flu and had just seen Dr Atkinson.

Came back here for tea. Felt a bit under par and fluish. Got through a lot of correspondence afterwards.

Wednesday, 3 October

A lovely day. Very mild. Feeling better and did chores in the morning. After lunch took my suit to Mrs Winnie. Did a lot of telephoning to family, etc.

Came back for tea - wrote letters and then explored down by the canal.

Thursday, 4 October

A cold foggy day. I was up early, phoning and shopping before Grattan and Anne arrived to leave Sarah for the day whilst they lunched with friends and so on. They got back at 5 whilst we were still at tea, and took Sarah off soon afterwards to a cocktail party.

Brooke and Thomas here all afternoon repairing the springs of my sofa. An electrician from Clifton Rd also came up to see about bells, lighting, etc.

Friday, 5 October

A lovely sunny autumn day. I stayed indoors all morning for the electrician who never turned up. However the LNER brought along the white seat from Wenham, also a hamper of apples and onions, and a little later Jocelyne's van turned up with the missing blinds. Ethel came to lunch and stayed for tea and sat up on the loggia. Greatly admired everything. After she left I unpacked the hamper and then went out and telephoned to Mab and Anne.

Saturday, 6 October

A fine morning which turned into a sunny afternoon. Mabel came to lunch and stayed for tea. We walked up together to St Mark's Hamilton Terrace to find out the times of services tomorrow. She left her glasses behind in the kitchen so I telephoned to her (from a call box) to tell her they were safe.

An electrician has been busy in the house today.

Sunday, 7 October

A cold morning but the sun came out later. I went up to St Mark's for the 10.15 Communion, but found out there wasn't one till 12.30 when I went again.

Rang up Anne and Lil - the latter much better, but Grattan is in bed with a fluish cold so they were not able to come over this afternoon. I got through a lot of writing and cut some of the lawn with shears.

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