Monday, 5 October 2009

Week of 8 October 1945

Monday, 8 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Another lovely day, and quite warm. I was busy all day, mostly in the house. Mabel came to lunch but went back soon afterwards. Rang up Anne and got a good bulletin of them all. Sarah is going to nanny tomorrow for a couple of nights to leave Anne free to go about with Grattan.

Had letters from Pips, Bet and Wilma. Heard from Esmée that Aymée Grant was in Colchester Hospital, had been operated and was not expected to recover.

Tuesday, 9 October

A lovely day. I felt poorly and stayed in bed till noon.

Had an early lunch and then got my hair washed and waved at MacArthur in Clifton Road.

Came back and had tea up in my room. Later on Bell the radio and electrical man in Clifton Road brought me back my wireless which I was glad to have.

Wednesday, 10 October

Another lovely day. I met Oswald at Victoria Station. He had brought me up eggs and flowers. Then went on to lunch at Jane Brown's. Came back afterwards and was busy here till Mrs Smith arrived for tea. She was enchanted with the house.

About 7.30, when I had quite given them up, Anne and Grattan turned up for drinks, Grattan with his red tabs as a full colonel. They have the loan of a Daimler for a few days and were on their way to dine with a friend.

Thursday, 11 October

The Indian summer still goes on; it was warmer than ever today. Graham Howe turned up for lunch (half an hour before he was expected!) and sat on the loggia with a newspaper until I was ready. We had a very pleasant lunch and he had second helps of everything. He greatly liked the house. By the time I had finished washing up I felt pretty tired and was glad to sit quiet for an hour before Kathleen Hill arrived. She was enthusiastic about everything - thought it the nicest London house she had ever been in!

Friday, 12 October

Still the same glorious weather. I lunched with Mabel (a bad day with her I'm afraid) and then went on to the A & N Stores to find out about the furniture I had sent to them for sale. They have not yet been put up for auction. Then I went on to Lil and had tea there. Got back here about 6 o'clock. Felt very tired.

Saturday, 13 October

Woke feeling tired but was busy all the morning. Mabel came to lunch and afterwards helped me get tea ready for the Welfare party.

After she left I rested till Nanny and Mae arrived - not Ella as she was feeling seedy. When we were having tea Enid and Dan turned up. Dan delighted with the house - also with the tea!

Mae did several jobs for me, and after they left I crawled up to bed, feeling very seedy. Temp. 103.

Sunday, 14 October

Feeling much better but still seedy and stayed in bed all day. Couldn't put off Lil, so she arrived for lunch but had it in the restaurant in the block of flats close by. Then saw to mine, and stayed and gave me my tea. Grattan left today.

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