Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Week of 13 August 1945

Monday, 13 August

1 Pelham Place

No official answer yet from Japan. A sunless day. Did some shopping in the morning and lunched with Dollie Etlinger at a small restaurant near Chatham House. Then on to 47. Hudson was there cutting grass.

Back here to tea to which Ethel Browning and Maud Joachim came. Afterwards walked back with Ethel to Cheltenham Terrace.

Pips rang up from Lyd. All well and happy there.

Tuesday, 14 August

Many rumours of Japanese surrender but nothing official. Mabel and I lunched here and then I went up to 47 to open the door to the man who read the electric meter. Paid Hudson up to date. Felt very exhausted after running madly to retrieve my hat box which I had left in the bus. Finally got it helped by a kindly American. Lil came in after tea, and later Mabel and I went over to supper with Enid and Dan. D had just arrived from Devon.

Wednesday, 15 August

Peace! Attlee broadcast at midnight last night that Japan has surrendered. Today and tomorrow are declared public holidays. Heavy rain in morning but turned into lovely day. The King and Queen drove in state for the opening of the new parliament. Afterwards the Commons processed to St Margaret's for a thanksgiving service. Enid and Dan were there. The King broadcast in the evening. Very fine speech. Mabel and I busy packing. Lil came to tea.

Thursday, 16 August

1 Pelham Place - Clockfaen Hall

A lovely morning for our start. Arrived Paddington (by car) soon after 10 o'clock and queued for our train which did not leave till 11.5. Very full but got seats and had a comfortable journey. Changed at Shrewsbury and Moat Lane. Arrived here soon after 6 o'clock. Rather horrified to find no electric light and almost Lyd-like plumbing. But as against that, lovely scenery, nice rooms adjoining with super beds, and excellent cuisine.

Friday, 17 August

Clockfaen Hall

A lovely day. We explored up in the hills behind the hotel.

Beautiful views but I think on the whole we felt a bit disappointed. Rested in the afternoon.

Have been trying to sort out our fellow guests but have not got them taped out yet. Everyone pleasant and friendly, but the evenings are rather awful as reading is almost impossible owing to lack of light.

Saturday, 18 August

A sunless depressing day. We walked down to the village and made enquiries about a car to take us to Aberystwyth next week. Discovered that Hulda Whyte's sister (Countess O'Brien) is staying here. Also a Mr and Mrs Carlyle, formerly great friends and near neighbours of Bob Bruce.

Have made contact with them all. We both felt tired.

Sunday, 19 August

An unpleasant day of mist and rain. We went down to the village church for the thanksgiving service. Very little thanksgiving about it. After tea we went for a tramp in the rain.

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