Sunday, 13 September 2009

Week of 6 August 1945

Monday, 6 August

179 West Heath Road

A great fall in the temperature and a couple of heavy thunder showers but mostly fine and nice. Anne's neuralgia is gone but feeling very battered.

I took Sarah to Child's Hill Park in the morning, and Nanny and Ella and Mac came out here for an early tea. Afterwards I took all three to Hamilton Terrace and we went over the house meticulously. They were enthusiastic about it, and Mac most helpful on electrical matters.

Tuesday, 7 August

179 West Heath Road - 1 Pelham Place

A very cold day with some rain in afternoon. I packed my belongings in the morning, got a new emergency card in the afternoon. After tea Anne got me a taxi and I came over here and found Mabel waiting for me.

Presently Lil brought Jeremy over to see us. He was looking very fit. He goes to a coach at Haselmere tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8 August

1 Pelham Place

A sunless and cold day. Looked in on Enid in the morning - also on Ethel Browning. In afternoon went down to Peter Jones's Polyphoto Dept. to see if they could enlarge some photos of Denis. Nothing doing. After tea went to call on Aunt Julia but heard that she had gone away on holiday.

On the 9 o'clock wireless we heard that Russia has declared war on Japan.

Thursday, 9 August

Another cold and sunless day with some rain. Went to Barkers and saw a "Breakfast Electric Cooker"! Then on to Wallace Heaton in Victoria St who consented to enlarge some polyphotos of Denis.

After lunch went up to 47 Hamilton Terrace and met William Hudson, job gardener, and arranged for him to start work tomorrow at 2/- an hour plus bus fares (4d). Back to tea and then to Miss Heppell for a hair wave.

Friday, 10 August

A muggy heavy day. At midday wireless with the great news that Japan has offered to surrender on the Potsdam terms, on condition that the status of the emperor is safeguarded. Great scenes of jubilation in the West End at night.

Saturday, 11 August

A lovely summer's day. I spent most of the morning with the Marylebone Borough Electrical Dept. fixing up my two part tariff for 47 Hamilton Terrace.

Lunched here and did some writing. The Mayers came to tea. Had supper with Lil. The Japanese surrender the one topic of conversation. The Allies have forwarded their terms and we are waiting for the Japanese answer.

Sunday, 12 August

No definite answer yet from Japan.

Mabel and I went to 12.20 Communion at Brompton Parish Church and in the evening to St Martin's where ?? preached on the Atomic Bomb.

Otherwise remained indoors and feeling very tired.

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