Friday, 18 September 2009

Week of 20 August 1945

Monday, 20 August

Clockfaen Hall

A lovely morning and we took a heavenly walk into the hills at the other side of Llangurig village.

Rested in the afternoon and took another equally lovely walk after tea "over the hills and far away" behind the hotel. We started in rain but it cleared into a lovely evening.


Tuesday, 21 August

Weather not up to much, and though we walked in the morning we did not greatly enjoy it. After tea the Brock Allens took us in their car along the Llanidloes road to a bridge where we got out and walked over to Marsh Pool, the home of the novelist Gibbings, and back over the hills, dropping down on to LLangurig by the road which ends in the Bluebell Inn.


Wednesday, 22 August

Today began as usual, grey and unvital, but turned into a gorgeous evening and we took a heavenly walk along the Aberystwyth Road, turning left and crossing the Wye. The place looked quite lovely and I enjoyed it more than anything yet.


Thursday, 23 August

A most depressing and quite sunless day. We walked in the hills behind the hotel in the morning, and down along the Aberystwyth Road after tea, but felt very unvital, and did not get much pleasure out of it.

The Carlyles returned from their trip this evening.


Friday, 24 August

A miserable day of almost incessant rain, but it stopped after tea and we took a new and very lovely walk behind the village, but both of us felt drooky.


Saturday, 25 August

A very depressing day.


Sunday, 26 August

Went to morning service at Llangurig church.

In the afternoon we took our tea out with us and walked down to a footbridge across the Wye about 2 miles from the hotel. A very pleasant walk.

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