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Week of 23 July 1945

Monday, 23 July

Great Wenham Hall - 179 West Heath Road

Had a horrid night with a sort of crise de nerfs. Breakfasted downstairs with Bet and Alice. Caught the 9.20 train from Bentley arriving at Anne's about 12 o'clock. Found her looking very seedy with a bad bout of neuralgia which she has had for the last three days. She rested in the afternoon and I took Sarah out to the Child's Hill Garden.

Have had talks on the phone with Pips, Mabel and Lil.


Tuesday, 24 July

179 West Heath Road

A lovely warm day. I had my hair washed and waved at a hairdresser in Child's Hill in the morning. Nanny came to lunch and took Sarah back with her after tea to stay the night. I went out to Lincoln's Inn for an interview with Tooth at 3 o'clock. Very satisfactory as he was very kind. Then on to tea with Mabel and stayed with her till 6.30.

Then paid Enid a visit before going on to dine with Reg at the RAC. Went into a lot of figures and finally decided to get my furniture to Hamilton Terrace on September 3rd and try it out for a couple of years. Get back here soon after 11 o'clock.


Wednesday, 25 July

Another lovely sunny day. Anne and I went to Euston station to meet the sneaks after buying some provisions for them at Selfridges.

Train was late. We lunched at the Euston Hotel and then saw them off at Liverpool St by the 2.20. Awly seemed quite the same but Hester seemed changed and older, and I think was very keyed up. Afterwards Anne went to fetch Sarah at Nanny's and I went to Lil for tea after first getting my new ration book. Got back here soon after 7 o'clock.


Thursday, 26 July

179 West Heath Road - Christ's Hospital

A sunless day. Caught 10.48 train to Christ's Hospital. Pips and the three children met met at the station.

We listened in to the electoral landslide through the afternoon.


In the evening we went down to the Swimming Bath. Nicky can swim quite strongly now, and James has all but got it.

Thunder and a heavy downfall during the late evening and night.


Friday, 27 July

Christ's Hospital

A very heavy unpleasant morning, and I spent most of it in bed as I felt desperately tired. Reg looked in on his way to the Farm and sat with me for a bit.

It cleared into quite a nice evening and we worked in the garden, and I picked some flowers to bring up to town tomorrow. We did not have supper till quite late.


Saturday, 28 July

Christ's Hospital - 179 West Heath Road

A lovely fresh day. I drove in with Pips to Horsham and caught the 10.42 train to Victoria. Got to Anne's about 12.30, and Mabel soon after as she had been invited to lunch. In the afternoon, we sat in the Park on deck chairs, and I saw her off in a bus after tea.


Sunday, 29 July

179 West Heath Road

A horrid heavy day but turned into a lovely evening.

I was very tired and stayed in bed all the morning. Anne went to mass.

After lunch we bussed down to Hamilton Terrace and looked over the house. Not requisitioned? Then back to tea with Patience. Very pleasant. Dr Young and Stella were there, and he drove Anne and Sarah back here. I went on to evening service at St Jude's on the Hill.

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