Friday, 11 September 2009

Week of 30 July 1945

Monday, 30 July

179 West Heath Road

Another grey day turning into a lovely evening. I did a lot of phoning in the morning and went to Allsop for fittings, removal of Morrison shelter, etc.

In the afternoon I went to Wallace Heaton, a photographic firm in Bond St, about getting a photo of Denis done from a group taken at Dumbarton Oaks. They will try but are not hopeful. Then on to Lillywhite about Wilma's racquet. Then to see Enid, and finally tea with Mabel.


Tuesday, 31 July

A very oppressive day and I felt very tired and did practically nothing.

This is the day Pippa is taking the children down to Lyd.


Wednesday, 1 August

A sunless heavy day. I went into town in the morning and saw Allsop and the telephone people about hurrying up a telephone for Hamilton Terrace. Then lunched with Mabel at Jane Brown, did some shopping, had tea with Lil and got back here soon after 7 o'clock.


Thursday, 2 August

A lovely summer day. Ethel Browning came out to lunch, and we sat in the Park in the afternoon, whilst Sarah ran about clad only in Knickers!

After tea I took Ethel over to see 47 Hamilton Terrace. She didn't say much but I think her reactions were favourable.


Friday, 3 August

A very hot and sunny day. John Lind [?] rang up Anne early this morning to say he had arrived in England last night and was off to Canada tomorrow, but was going down to Bet today, and would try to come out here this evening on his return. I got my hair waved this morning and after lunch went in to see Dr Atkinson. He was very pleased with my blood pressure, heart, etc. but said I was suffering from nerve strain and has given me a sedative. He is also writing to the telephone manager to ask him to try and expedite installation of a telephone in Hamilton Terrace. I then went over to tea with Mabel.

Anne has bad neuralgia.


Saturday, 4 August

The hottest day of the year. I met Lil and Tilling at No. 47 after lunch. The latter is the handyman recommended to me by Mrs Atkin Swan, and I have fixed up with him to some odd jobs in the house before I move in.

Anne's neuralgia very severe and she went to bed before supper. I gave Sarah her bath.


Sunday, 5 August

Anne's neuralgia better but looks poorly. I gave Sarah her breakfast and took her out in the Park. Anne got up and saw to lunch and I took Sarah out afterwards. In the evening I walked up to the Heath and sat there for an hour. The view was lovely.

News on the evening wireless of the first ATOMIC BOMB dropped on Japan.

This is perhaps the greatest scientific discovery of all time.

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