Friday, 30 October 2009

Week of 11 February 1946

Monday, 11 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

A nice bright day and I felt a lot better. Lunched with Daphne Pemberton at the Wayfarers Restaurant, 20 Granville Place. Very nice. Then we went out to see Caesar and Cleopatra at the Odeon. I came back for tea and Margot came up and shared it with me. Reg out all day but back for supper. He had a drink with Margot and Mary downstairs. He is feeling better.

Tuesday, 12 February

Reg slept here

Reg drove me in the morning to deliver apples and eggs etc. to the three sisters and to Ethel Browning. We then came back here and he went off to lunch with Grattan. I lunched here and Mabel came out afterwards. Then Reg arrived for tea and later went to the Berkeley where he was meeting Aline for dinner.

Wednesday, 13 February

Reg slept here.

Reg drove me down to Christ's Hospital in the morning, and went on to do a few hours' work at the farm and got back for a late tea.

James was in bed with bronchial catarrh but on the mend. Philippa and Nicky came back to lunch to have their "dentures" examined. Oswald up in town. Pips looked well and was very welcoming, and sent me back laden with produce.

Thursday, 14 February

Reg slept here

Reg was out till teatime after which we went to the Mercury to see This Way to the Tomb. I liked it even better on a second seeing and Reg was very impressed with it. A lovely night and we walked back from Edgware Road Station, and had a late supper. Great fun.

Friday, 15 February

Wilma slept here.

Reg left about 11 o'clock. I went in to town and got sherry, etc.

Lunched here and did some cooking in the afternoon. After tea I got my hair shampooed and waved.

Wilma turned up about 7.30. She looks very well.

Saturday, 16 February

Margaret Mabey and Wilma slept here

Margaret Mabey turned up about 8.30. We went to the 1 o'clock performance of the Swiss film - The Last Chance. Interesting and well acted. Wilma and I came back afterwards but Margaret went on to the RAC to meet a friend. Patience, Anne and Sarah came to tea, and Grattan came later.

Sunday, 17 February

Margaret Mabey and Wilma slept here

Wilma and Margaret caught a 10.18 train to Christ's Hospital, returning in time for supper.

I spent the morning in bed and after lunch went for a walk in Regent's Park and got lost on the way back.

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