Thursday, 29 October 2009

Week of 4 February 1946

Monday, 4 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Margot turned up before lunch with a lot of paraphernalia. Anne left Sarah here after lunch whilst she went on for hairdressing and came back here for tea. Grattan arrived later and drove them home. Ray Bawtree blew in unexpectedly ad had a drink. Then Mary Devenish came for supper and to help Margot with her unpacking. Altogether a non-stop day and I felt rather overtired.

Tuesday, 5 February

Margot and I lunched out at Addison House and she went on to inspect a flat at the back of Peter Jones. She got back in time for supper and very excited as she has offered to take the flat subject to solicitor's approval of lease.

Wednesday, 6 February

Margot moved down into the pg room and has got comfortably settled in.

I lunched with Mabel and afterwards she came with me to Jane Morris where I chose a hat. I then went and sat with Ethel Browning who is still in bed, and finally finished up at Lil's for tea. I did not think her looking very well.

Thursday, 7 February

I queued up for fish for Anne, but had no luck. Lunched with her and Sarah and took the latter out for a walk in the park whilst Anne rested. She looked very cut up with an attack of neuralgia. patience and Michael are dining there tonight.

I came back here for tea. Margot had a friend for the WRNS to supper, and insisted that I should have a cut off their joint. It took much longer to cook than we bargained for. Rang up Reg. He has a fluish cold and may not be able to come on Sunday.

Friday, 8 February

I lunched with Lil and rested in the spare room afterwards for half an hour as I was feeling very tired. Then on to Jane Morris to fetch my hat, but something had gone wrong with it. Then to sit with Enid for a little before going over to tea with Mabel. Enid feeling very seedy with either the start of flu or gout in her head. Brenda Tandy and Flora Campbell at tea at 1 PP. Got back here about 7 pm. Reg rang up . He is better and hopes to get up on Sunday.

Saturday, 9 February

Blinds put up in Margot's bedroom - also Grattan's mirror over the mantelpiece. Maye Bruce came out about 12 o'clock and met Margot, and had coffee before she left for Bexhill. Maye enthusiastic about both house and garden. I took her to lunch at Addison House, and saw her into a bus afterwards. Anne and Grattan looked in after tea on their way to dine with Patience and Michael somewhere in the West End.

Sunday, 10 February

Reg slept here

Felt poorly and tired. Went to morning service at St John's Wood Church and stayed for the Communion. Was not much impressed by the service.

Reg turned up in time for tea not looking too badly.

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