Saturday, 31 October 2009

Week of 18 February 1946

Monday, 18 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Margaret Mabey and Wilma slept here

Wilma and Margaret went off early, returning in time for tea. Geraldine arrived soon afterwards and spent the evening. GH came to lunch. Very pleasant.

Tuesday, 19 February

Margaret Mabey slept here

Margaret went off to Oxford after breakfast, returning in the evening before going out to dine with the Thorhills.

Wilma and I did some unsuccessful shopping in the morning - lunched at the Wayfarers - went for an hour to the National Gallery and then on to Waterloo where she left by the 2.50 train for Tavistock. I came home very overtired and lay down and had tea and supper in my room.

Wednesday, 20 February

Margaret Mabey slept here

I felt very done in and did not come down till after lunch. Margaret lunched with Anne and Sarah and came back for tea. Mabel was also here for tea.

Margaret out to dinner.

Thursday, 21 February

Margaret Mabey slept here

I stayed in bed most of the morning feeling very tired. Margaret and I lunched at Lord's restaurant. It is quite the best place I have struck around here. I came back and rested while Margaret did a little shopping. Anne and Sarah arrived unexpectedly and stayed for tea. Margaret went off soon afterwards to spend the evening with a friend.

Bet has another poisoned finger and the Grattan Doyles are driving down on Saturday to bring her back on Sunday.

Friday, 22 February

Oswald slept here

Margaret went off just before 8 am to catch the boat train to Southampton. I got my rations, lunched with Mabel, changed library books and got back for tea. Found to my great delight that my coal had come as I was down to my last scuttle.

Oswald arrived about 10 o'clock and we had cocoa and cakes and a talk!

Saturday, 23 February

Oswald left immediately after breakfast. I stayed at home except for local shopping and a hair wave after tea.

The Grattan Doyles motored down to Wenham. I heard this evening that Bet was much better and they were all coming up tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, 24 February

Lil came out to lunch and stayed till after tea, when she went on to the Berkeley to meet Roddy and Diana. He is flying to Lisbon tomorrow.

I rang up Anne. They had all driven back from Wenham in the afternoon. I spoke to Bet. Her hand is in a splint and very uncomfortable but she is not in pain.

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