Monday, 12 October 2009

Week of 12 November 1945

Monday, 12 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

A grey dour and cold day. Reg just arrived before lunch which we had together.(I came down about 12 o'clock.) I stayed up till after supper but felt very tired.

Tuesday, 13 November

A fine day but cold and sunless. I stayed in bed till after lunch.

Reg came back in the afternoon and took me to Frank Butler's to have a tooth out. Mr Butler could not see me so his partner took it out with a local anaesthetic which I always hate but he was afraid that gas would not give him time. I felt very queer for a while afterwards, and very glad of the taxi there and back which Reg managed to get for me.

Later in the evening I felt all right and stayed up to supper.

Wednesday, 14 November

Felt a little better, and my mouth much more comfortable. Lil came with me to the dentist's in the afternoon, and I felt pretty rocky, going in bus and tube. We got back in time for tea and found Reg here. I rang up Anne on my way back and heard that she and Sarah had arrived safely in time for lunch.

Reg dined with Roddy at the LNER Hotel.

Thursday, 15 November

A very cold day but no wind. Reg went off early to Guildford to a cattle sale. I got up earlier than usual and got my own rations.

Lunched at a block of flats near here. Anne and Sarah arrived soon afterwards and stayed for tea. Anne told me that Grattan had arrived last evening. She had not expected him before the weekend. Reg returned soon after they left. He had had a very satisfactory day and had bought 5 Friesians. He is dining with Aline at the Berkeley tonight.

Friday, 16 November

A very cold day. I got down soon after 11 o'clock and did a little cooking for the week-end, but I didn't really feel up to it, and had to fall back on some whisky for lunch. Afterwards I went down to Clifton Road, and though it was icy I felt the better for getting out of doors.

Reg went down to explore the new airfield for London at Health Row, taking sandwiches with him. He came back in time for tea - nearly frozen but having enjoyed his day.

Saturday, 17 November

A very cold day. Reg felt seedy with a cold but went out to Hampstead to lunch with Avril Ruddock (Horie's daughter). He was back in time to see Mabel who came out to tea.

Sunday, 11 November

Reg full of cold and rather undecided whether to return to the farm as arranged or to Hove, but decided to keep to the first plan. I walked with him to the bus soon after lunch and then rang up Anne and heard that Bet was bringing up Alice and Barnaby on Wednesday to stay with her for a fortnight.

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