Sunday, 11 October 2009

Week of 5 November 1945

Monday, 5 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mrs Haskey (who was due to start work this morning) has taken another job! Luckily Mrs Keegan turned up unexpectedly and has started in, and seems very nice. Mabel came out and brought me up an early lunch before going out to Hampstead to take Philippa to Victoria for the 3.18 train to Christ's Hospital.

Felt poorly in the afternoon with a temp. of 100 and a back-ache. Stayed in bed all day.

Tuesday, 6 November

Had a poor night and woke feeling seedy. Got Mrs Keegan to phone Mabel and ask her to get Dr Atkinson to call. Arranged with Mrs Keegan to bring up my lunch and to come back and do my supper. Lil came out after lunch and had tea with me in my room. Told me that Anne had heard that Grattan may be back in a day or two so she has cancelled her going to Wenham.

Dr Atkinson arrived about 1 pm and said I had not got flu but some bacteria in the bladder which he thinks a 5 day treatment of tablets will quite clear up.

Meanwhile, Bed.

Wednesday, 7 November

Felt much more comfortable, and stayed in bed all day.

Both Mabel and Anne came in the afternoon. The former stayed for tea. Anne got my wireless to go which is great company.

Thursday, 8 November

Much better but stayed in bed all day. Mabel turned up before lunch and told me that Pippa was coming up to spend the afternoon with me. She arrived soon after 2 o'clock and stayed till 6, so we had time for a lovely talk and a nice tea together.

She was looking so well and pretty. Anne and Sarah went down to Wenham today.

Friday, 9 November

Stayed in bed all day. Enid came along and gave me my tea.

Saturday, 10 November

Better, but quite glad to stay in bed. Lil came and gave me my tea.

Sunday, 11 November

A lovely day but quite cold. Got up after lunch. The first time for over a week and came down to a nice drawing room. Did not feel up to much but was glad to be down. Went back for supper.

Mabel spent the afternoon with me.

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