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Week of 14 January 1946

Monday, 14 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Went out in the morning but lunched here. Then to Marylebone Town Hall to pay electric bill, and to the Free Library to take out a book of Siegfried Sassoon's. Back to tea and a lot of telephoning including calls from Bet and Pips who had driven back to CH from Lyd with Oswald today.

Reg also rang up. He will not be staying here this week as arranged, as he will take Joan straight from the hospital to the station on Thursday.

Tuesday, 15 January

As cold as ever but very lovely and I feel well.

I lunched at Addison House and then went out to the National Gallery to see a collection of Paul Klee's pictures before meeting Philippa at Liverpool St and putting her on the train for CH at Victoria. Then on to tea with Lil who looks very much better.

Wednesday, 16 January

Lunched here and afterwards went to Christopher to pick up some wine, and then on to tea with Anne and Sarah. Got back about 6 o'clock and tried to make some marmalade with orange skin and lemons, and made a complete mess of it.

Thursday, 17 January

A lovely day but almost the coldest yet. Now that I am well again I quite like it. Met Mabel at Mr Butler's at 11 o'clock. She had a tooth out quite successfully and we drove back in a taxi when she went straight to bed. I then lunched with Lil who for the first time seems really better. Then on to see The Shadow Factory by Anne Ridler at the Mercury Theatre which I enjoyed tremendously. Then back to tea with Mabel, getting back here after 6 o'clock. A pleasant day.

Friday, 18 January

Head and Thurlow came this morning and fixed hot rail in my bathroom. Also representative from Gas Light and Coke Co. who think they can fix me a Bungalow cooker in basement bathroom in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Hire 4/11 quarterly. Also Mr Bell, electrician, who will fit a point in basement bedroom.

Margot Osborne turned up in the afternoon, and fixed to take the rooms from Jan 28th at £2-12-6 weekly, electric light and hot water inclusive, but she to pay gas bill, minus my share for gas ring. Reg rang up to say he had been taken ill, and was back at Hove.

Saturday, 19 January

Feeling seedy and stayed in bed all day. Mabel came out and had tea with me. I rang up Bet and heard that the doctor had been to see her poisoned finger, and it will probably have to be lanced. She is going to keep Hester back for a few days to cope with things, but Awly will come up tomorrow as planned.

Sunday, 20 January

The coldest day yet but I felt a lot better and came down for lunch, but did not stir out. Mrs Keegan came along for an hour in the evening.

I did a lot of telephoning including a call to Wenham. Bet's finger was "not quite so well" and she was sure she had done right in deciding to keep Hester back from school so as to help her.

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