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Week of 21 January 1946

Monday, 21 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Awly slept here

Not feeling quite so well, but was up son after 10 o'clock when Grattan (in the car) dropped Sarah here to spend the day whilst Anne went to fetch Awly at Liverpool St. They both turned up for lunch and then dashed off for a couple of hours' shopping.

Mabel came out, and after the Grattans arrived I drove the whole party off, - Awly to Mrs Hill's - Mabel to the Pelham and Anne and Sarah home.

Reg rang up from the farm and I rang up Bet and heard that her finger had been lanced an that she was very much more comfortable.

Tuesday, 22 January

Anne came after breakfast and I took Awly to a film and a snack lunch at Selfridge's before seeing her off in the school train for Rugby.

No sign of Mrs Keegan who did not turn up yesterday either, but after tea I got a phone message to say she had flu but hoped to be able to come tomorrow. Tess Bawtree turned up about teatime and after a couple of hours went off to a cinema.

Wednesday, 23 January

Tess Bawtree slept here.

Tess Bawtree left after breakfast this morning.

I felt poorly, but there was no sign of Mrs Keegan, so I got up before lunch and did what was necessary but stuck to the dining room as there was no kindling, so the drawing room was out of bounds. Mabel came out after lunch, bringing me foods, and also kindling for a fire tomorrow.

Reg rang up to ask how I was, and if I would rather he did not come, but I am looking forward very much to his coming.

Thursday, 24 January

Reg slept here.

Feeling much better and was delighted when Mrs Keegan turned up again and put in a good morning's work. Mabel looked in before lunch with some fish cakes etc., and before she left Reg arrived to drop his suitcase etc. He came back again at teatime and we had a very pleasant evening together.

Friday, 25 January

Feeling wonderfully better. Almost myself. But have arranged to go in to Dr Atkinson tomorrow to let him give me a thorough overhaul.

Reg left about 10.30. Mabel came out in the afternoon and stayed to tea. She brought me a lovely assortment of useful eaties. She looks very poorly, and Lil seems in a very sad sort of state. Pips rang up in the evening to ask for news of everyone. They are all well and happy down there.

Saturday, 26 January

Indoors all morning but bussed in to Knightsbridge after lunch and saw Dr Atkinson. He says I have had gastric flu. He examined me internally, and says I have got some piles but nothing to cause trouble or anxiety. He has ordered suppositories and I am to see him again in 3 weeks. He agrees that I have lost weight and thinks my diet is rather inadequate.

Ethel Browning tells me that she saw the notice of John Henderson's death in the Daily Telegraph.

Sunday, 27 January

I felt much better. Margot Osborne with her friend Mary Devenish came in after lunch and did some preliminary unpacking. (Margot is to come in for good on Monday February 4th.) They stayed for tea, and it all went very pleasantly. I walked up the length of Hamilton Terrace in the afternoon.

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