Thursday, 8 October 2009

Week of 15 October 1945

Monday, 15 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Another lovely day. I had a good night. My temperature normal and I got up midday. Mabel came out soon after lunch and washed up and stayed for tea. Mrs Parley [??] (recommended by Mrs Goodship) came to see me and we arranged that she should start work next Saturday, as morning help - 30/- per week for 15 hours. After Mabel left Camera Cuss [??] came to look at the grandfather clock and got it to go. A great joy!

Bet writes she is coming to town for the day on Wednesday to see Roddy on business and will come here in the afternoon. Also a great joy!!

Tuesday, 16 October

A misty morning and not so much sun. I slept badly and woke very tired. Stayed in bed till after lunch which Mrs Goodship brought up to me. Anne and Sarah arrived just after I had dressed and left after an early tea. I did not think that either of them looked very well.

Wednesday, 17 October

Fine but sunless. Feeling poorly. Dr Atkinson came to see me before lunch and found me very low and post fluish. Blood pressure 120. Has given me a strychnine tonic - advised whisky with meals and to go very slow for 2 to 3 weeks. Anne and Sarah arrived soon after 3 o'clock, Bet not long after. Bet looking very well and very handsome. She had been having a business interview with Roddy and had lunched with him. She was delighted with the house. She thinks she may have let Wenham. She had to dash off after an early tea.

Thursday, 18 October

Slept very well but feeling very limp. Did not come down till nearly lunch time. Mabel lunched with me (Mrs Goodship had prepared it) and she (Mabel) washed up for me afterwards whilst I lay on the sofa!

Friday, 19 October

A fine warm day. I felt rather better and got up about 12 o'clock. Paid off Mrs Goodship and said goodbye to her with real regret. Mabel lunched with me but insisted on eating her own sandwiches! Left soon afterwards when Anne and Sarah arrived. Anne put in Bet's wall flowers in front and back garden - also made me some soup.

Saturday, 20 October

Another fine warm day but no sun. I had a good night and felt really better.

Mrs Parley (Mrs Goodship's successor) turned up at 9 o'clock, did some cooking for me, and in all respects seemed even better than Mrs G.

But alas! her husband turned up in the afternoon to say she had been to the doctor who said she had phlebitis and must lie up.

A great blow from my point of view! Mabel turned up at the same moment. I was aghast. I have written an SOS to Mrs Goodship to come and see what can be done. Mabel felt sick and had some whisky.

Sunday, 21 October

A lot of rain, and very steamy and unpleasant. Anne came over here this afternoon with Sarah, looking very pretty in a scarlet mackintosh cape and hood. I still feel poorly and very low-spirited.

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