Friday, 9 October 2009

Week of 22 October 1945

Monday, 22 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling definitely better at last. Mabel came over for lunch bringing her own meat rations! Anne turned up immediately afterwards and gave the house a splendid clean, and left after an early tea to pick up Sarah whom she had left with a friend.

Tuesday, 23 October

A very wild day. Oswald turned up about 4 o'clock and walked around the garden before tea. After listening to the 6 o'clock news he went off to dine at the Old Blues dinner at the Dorchester. Missed the last bus home so had to walk all the way back in drenching rain.

Very approving of the house.

Wednesday, 24 October

A tempestuous day. Oswald departed at 8.30. I lunched at the Clarendon Court Restaurant - handy and quite a decent meal.

Lil came out afterwards and stayed for an early tea. She is not looking a bit well.

Thursday, 25 October

No lessening in the storm, and tremendous rain at times. In spite of it Mabel came out in the afternoon and stayed for tea. Except for telephoning from a public call office I stayed indoors all day. I feel very much better.

Friday, 26 October

Storm till raging and great havoc all over the country. I went down to Clifton Rd both morning and afternoon, and got caught in rain both times.

Oswald turned up about 10.30.

Saturday, 27 October

Oswald left before 9 o'clock. He got his own breakfast. I had a short night but felt well and was downstairs before 10 o'clock. Swept the leaves off the front garden and then bussed to Mount St about my telephone. Most depressing report. They can give no approximate date when it will be installed.

Mabel came to tea. Afterwards I picked up my carpet sweeper in Clifton Road - heeled in the wall flowers from Wenham and did some house-cleaning.

A very lovely day.

Sunday, 28 October

Eve Farson arrived at 10.30 and spent a couple of days with me before going on to lunch with Oleg.

Anne and Sarah came about 2.30 in pouring rain and stayed to tea. Just after they had left, Roddy turned up and went over the house and we had a very nice talk and also some sherry. It was very nice having him. In fact altogether it was a very pleasant day, though horrid climatically.

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