Sunday, 1 November 2009

Week of 25 February 1946

Monday, 25 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel lunched with me and brought me out some sausages which I took on afterwards to Anne's flat and stayed to tea. Bet's hand was still very uncomfortable and I thought she looked very far from well. The three children in great form. Anne tired but doing marvels.

Tuesday, 26 February

Dollie Ellinger slept here

I felt seedy with a cold and very averse to turning out after tea to bus to Sadler's Wells to see Peter Grimes. Dollie Ellinger met me there and we were both delighted with the opera (by Benjamin Britten). She came back here afterwards to supper and to spend the night. She was delighted with the house.

Wednesday, 27 February

Slept badly and woke with more cold. Dollie breakfasted in my room and departed soon after. I invited her to come back but she thought better not for both our sakes.

I lunched here and went out to tea with Anne and the rest of them, bringing out ice cream. They have all heavy colds but Betty's hand is much better.

A tragedy. I seem to have lost my black note case with £3.

Thursday, 28 February

I felt full of cold, and decided to spend the day in bed. Mrs Keegan got me my lunch, Mabel came out and got me my tea and Margot saw to my supper, so I was in luxury.

Friday, 1 March

Reg slept here

Stayed in bed till after lunch. Mabel looked in on her way to Hampstead and left me a goodly assortment of fish eaties. I took out assorted patisseries for the Sneaks.

Reg turned up in time for tea looking well. He brought me onions and fresh tulips and daffodils - lovely. Also milk.

Saturday, 2 March

Reg slept here

I got up for lunch but did not stir out. Reg went off after breakfast to pick up Aline and go down to see Joan. He got back here soon after 6 o'clock and went off about 7.30 to dine with Aline at the Berkeley. Bet went up to Rugby this morning for the children's half term. Anne is coping alone with Alice, Barnaby and Sarah - also with a heavy cold.

Sunday, 3 March

I did not stir out but my cold is better. Reg went off at noon, and rang me up after lunch to say that he had got back quite early and safely.

Bet got back from the Sneaks' school this evening and rang me up after supper. All had gone well and happily, and Hester had been allowed up. She has been seedy with a temp.

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