Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Week of 28 January 1946

Monday, 28 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Grattan deposited Sarah soon after 9 o'clock and she was as good as gold. We took a walk both morning and afternoon. Anne met Hester at Liverpool St station, and they lunched at Selfridge's, bought a jacket and skirt for H at Peter Jones, saw Nous Les Gosses at the Academy and came on here for tea. Grattan arrived about 6 o'clock, had a drink, and they all departed about 6.30. Lil still feeling very poorly and Ethel Browning likewise.

Tuesday, 29 January

Lunched with Mabel and Enid looked in for a few minutes afterwards. Changed my book at Harrods and got back here in time for tea. A hamper of apples and onions arrived from CH before I left, and I took some in for Mabel and Ethel Browning.

Rang up Anne whose cold seems heavier than ever. She and Sarah had seen Hester off by a morning train to Rugby.

Wednesday, 30 January

Walked to the Marylebone library in the morning. Lunched here. Had my hair waved at MacArthurs in the afternoon. Geraldine Noyes came to tea.

Thursday, 31 January

I lunched with Lil in her bedroom as she was still in bed. Then took a taxi to Ethel Browning who was also in bed, and brought her some things. Then on to tea with Mabel and ran over to see Enid for a little. She was not in bed but lying on the sofa.

Friday, 1 February

I went out to tea with Anne and Sarah, and Grattan came in afterwards. Sarah looks fine, but Anne has still a lot of cold.

Saturday, 2 February

I lunched with Lil who really seems better at last. Then on to sit with Ethel Browning who is still in bed. Then to tea with Mabel who was also in bed but only since lunchtime.

Rang up Bet this evening. She says her hand is quite all right but that she is tired.

Sunday, 3 February

I did not go out till after tea, meaning just to post my letters, but I then took a short walk and enjoyed it. A car had run into the fixed lights in the middle of the road where Hamilton Terrace joins with Hall Road, and had smashed the whole apparatus to smithereens.

I have felt much better today.

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