Saturday, 10 October 2009

Week of 29 October 1945

Monday, 29 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

A wet morning but it turned bright and sunny later.

After lunch I went to a couple of flats about morning help but with no success.

Did a little typing after tea. The first time in months!

Tuesday, 30 October

A misty morning but turned into a lovely day. Anne and Patience turned up about 11 o'clock and gave the house a super clean up. Freda Grace turned up about an hour later to see the house. She had been to a funeral at Kilburn. Two women came to see me about morning work having read my notice at the newsagents'. The second one seemed likely and I have taken up her references.

Wednesday, 31 October

Fine day. I lunched with Mabel and Enid came in for a few minutes afterwards. I felt very tired and came back before tea. Afterwards Mabel turned up unexpectedly to tell me she had posted [?] hosted [?] some letters of mine.

Thursday, 1 November

Fine day. Rather colder. Lovelace arrived in the morning and laid lino in lavatory, and cleaned kitchen sink with gumption.

I lunched with Lil and we then went to the Mercury Theatre to see This Way to the Tomb. We were both very impressed. Beautiful poetry and Robert Spaight who took the part of S. Anthony spoke it magnificently. Ella Luce [?] met us afterwards and wanted us to go back to tea, but we were both tired, so declined.

Friday, 2 November

A busy morning. Went to Kilburn to ?? out a morning help (Mrs Haskey) and arranged for her to start work next Monday. Found on my return that the key was not in my purse! So after lunching at Addison House I had to bus to Anne's flat to get one from her! Mabel and Patience were lunching there.

Had to get rations and then do some cooking for Philippa's week-end.

Thoroughly over-tired!

Saturday, 3 November

Met Philippa and brought her back here. We fetched some assorted patisseries and then had an early lunch. Then to Kilburn to see the film - Son of Lassie - very good and just right for her.

Then back to tea to which Mabel came.

Shall be glad of my bed as I had a short night.

Sunday, 4 November

Felt downright poorly and decided I must give up the Casals-Hess concert. Anne and Sarah turned up at 11 o'clock, Anne also very poorly, but nobly agreed to take Philippa back with her after lunch and spend the rest of her half-term out there. I was very thankful to be able to stay in bed and to have no-one but myself to bother about. Mabel came out to bring me aspirin, but had to hurry back as the Myers were coming to tea.

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