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Week of 1 April 1946

Monday, 1 April

Great Wenham Hall - 47 Hamilton Terrace

I caught the 9.20 train from Bentley , arriving here at 12 o'clock to find the door and mortise locked! I carried my luggage down to the back door and took a bus to Mrs Keegan's house and retrieved the keys. She had locked it automatically!!

I lunched at Clifton Restaurant, came back here and unpacked and rang up Mabel and Anne.

Anne and Sarah turned up soon after 3 o'clock and Mabel an hour later. They all had tea and Mabel stayed on for a talk.

Tuesday, 2 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Reg turned up in time for tea and we had a very pleasant evening and took a nice walk before dinner.

I went in to Dr Atkinson and he was very pleased with my leg.

Wednesday, 3rd April

Reg slept here

The hottest day for 90 years and a very pleasant one. [Does Al Gore know about this?] I had a picnic lunch on the loggia and worked in the garden after tea. The carpenter from Martin did some useful work in the house.

Reg was out for most of the day but came back for tea before taking Aline and Joan to the theatre.

Thursday, 4 April

Hotter still. Too hot really and I felt rather done in. Reg and Joan left about 12 in the car for Wenham and I lunched out on the loggia.

Later I went to tea with Mabel and I met Kathleen Hill, Enid Gardyne, her daughter Ilena [?], and a Dutch son-in-law - Christian's husband.

Friday, 5 April

I did some local shopping in the morning and lunched at Arlington Court restaurant.

In the afternoon Miss Wade (Anne's lodger) came over and went through my wardrobe with a view to freshening it up.

I have felt much better today

Saturday, 6 April

I had an unsuccessful morning trying to get some seeds from Sutton. Lil came out after lunch and we spent the afternoon on the loggia and had tea there.

Sunday, 7 April

I went to morning service at All souls, Loudown Road where the vicar Mr Ford preached. I lunched at Addison House on my way back to avoid cooking.

In the afternoon Enid and Amy Birch came out and sat on the loggia where we had tea.

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