Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Week of 25 March 1946

Monday, 25 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Busy all the morning with chores. After lunch had my feet seen to by Miss Messenger - then an injection from Dr Atkinson into my varicose veins - then tea with Mabel - then paid Ethel Browning a visit.

Finished up after supper by dusting the books in the dining room.

Tuesday, 19 March

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham

Very busy in the morning, seeing Martin the builder about drawing-room door, and lock for back entrance - also Mr Bell about the hot water system, etc.

Lunched early and got a taxi which took me to Liverpool St in very good time for the 2.30 for Bentley. No crowd. Was met by car and arrived in time for a very welcome tea.

Place looking lovely and everyone so nice, and Bet looking much better. Feeling very tired.

Wednesday, 27 March

Great Wenham Hall

The most lovely day imaginable. I spent all day out of doors. In the morning I picked boughs and bunched up primroses for Bet to sell to a man who has a shop at Ipswich. In the afternoon I read The Times on the front lawn, and later forked over Bet's rose bed.

Thursday, 28 March

Cyril and Peronel Guild with a friend looked in on their way to lunch at Witham and gave me news of the Cobbold cousins, Kenny and Joan Fryer. Mostly bad!

Friday, 29 March

Not nearly such a nice day and we all felt tired. Bet lit the fire by teatime.

Great flower-picking again to sell for Mothering Sunday.

Saturday, 30 March

Dr McBride came to see Bet and Barnaby. The latter's impetigo is much better. Dr McBride did not think inoculations would be much use for Bet. He thought the poisoned fingers came from her low state of health, and that that came from her over-busy life. Not a very cheerful diagnosis under the circumstances!

Sunday, 31 March

Another lovely bright day but a cold east wind. More flower-picking for sale.

I felt tired all day and didn't go to church.

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