Thursday, 26 November 2009

Week of 8 April 1946

Monday, 8 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

There was a ring up in the morning to say that Mrs Keegan would not be coming as her husband had come home on leave. Mabel came out to tea. Mr Bell came up from Clifton Radio and examined the electric hot water system. Both elements are faulty and the wiring defective and I have ordered replacements. Meanwhile must rely on the kitchen boiler.

Tuesday, 9 April

I worked in the garden in the afternoon, putting down weed killer and forking one of the herbaceous borders.

Margot and I had our supper together. She is off to Devon tomorrow for a week.

Pippa rang up from Lyd. All well and happy there.

Wednesday, 10 April

I've divided the day between house and garden. Mrs Keegan still away.

Thursday, 11 April

Busy all day. Mabel came out to tea and I did a little work in the garden afterwards.

Friday, 12 April

I met Awly at Euston station and brought her back here for a picnic lunch. Anne and Sarah had arrived earlier and Anne had done a fine house clean for me whilst Sarah rested. After lunch they took Awly to Liverpool St to catch the 2.30 train, and I rested out on the loggia as I felt very tired. I had tea out there and then painted the white seat.

Saturday, 13 April

Had a letter from Mrs Keegan returning my keys as she said her husband was home on 14 days leave, and she was sure I would not want to wait for her so long. I think there is something more behind. An awful nuisance. Lunched out at Addison House and was busy with house chores.

Kathleen Hill came to tea which we had out on the loggia.

Sunday, 14 April

I went to Morning Service at St John's Wood Chapel. Back here for lunch. Spent most of the afternoon on the loggia reading, writing letters and having tea. I also planted some seeds in the garden - convolvovus minor[?], lavatera, mignonette and some parsley.

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