Monday, 2 November 2009

Week of 11 March 1946

Monday, 11 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

I lunched at Mabel's and afterwards went to Jane Morris to fetch a wine coloured hat she had made for me. Don't feel very enthusiastic about it. Came back for tea.

Tuesday, 12 March

Oswald and Pippa slept here

A very nice day - in every sense. Pips turned up for lunch and contributed some lovely cold beef. Afterwards she put in 9 dog rose bushes which she had brought up, and I rolled the lawn. Later a man turned up and sharpened the lawn-mower for me. Pippa went to Evans for a face massage and a manicure. Got back for tea. Oswald and I had already started. They went off to the Savoy Theatre and afterwards to the Savoy Restaurant, whilst I met Lil at the Friends House to hear an address by GH on Authority and Freedom.

Wednesday, 13 March

Pippa slept here

I shopped locally in the morning but did not sleep well, and gave up my idea of going with Pippa to see Brief Encounter. I rested all the afternoon instead and she went to see the film by herself after doing her shopping and got back to a latish supper. I listened in to most of the performance of Peter Grimes. It came over very well.

Oswald left this morning.

Thursday, 14 March

I felt poorly in the morning and stayed indoors all day. But much better this evening. Pippa went to the dentist and did some shopping both for herself and for me, and drove back to CH after lunch.

Tirzah Ravilious's marriage to a Mr Swanzy was in The Times today.

Friday, 15 March

I felt much better though turned tired in the afternoon. Reg came here for a bath and stayed for lunch. Charmian came for supper.

Saturday, 16 March

I went down to Clifton Road before and after lunch, but otherwise stuck to the house and cancelled my tea with Lil.

Margot and Mary had a great afternoon's cooking.

Sunday, 17 March

I wasn't feeling up to much. Decided to give church a miss, and went down to Burlington to see the Greek Art Exhibition - the last day. Unfortunately, it was not opening till the afternoon. Came back and lunched at one of the nearby restaurants. Rested for a bit and then went in to tea with Lil. She was taking the day in bed as she has a cough.

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