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Week of 4 March 1946

Monday, 4 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

A beastly wet day but I felt much better. I lunched at Chatham House and attended a lecture on atomic energy given by Sir George Thompson. A very good speaker and very interesting.

Then I came back, and Betty came to tea bringing Alice and Sarah. Bet was looking pounds better and it was all so pleasant.

Then afterwards, Margot, her friend Mary, and myself cooked our suppers, and Margot made pancakes - it being Shrove Tuesday.

Tuesday, 5 March

Today's diary was wrongly entered on previous page.

There was nothing special to record on Monday, or if there was I have already forgotten it!

Wednesday, 6 March

I lunched with Mabel, walked down to see Ethel Browning afterwards, got birthday presents for Pippa, went back to tea with Mabel, and got back here about 6 o'clock.

Thursday, 7 March

I feel better. I lunched at Lord's restaurant and later went to see Gerald Tooth about drawing up a settlement for Wilma, similar to Pips, Bet and Anne. He was very helpful and approving. Then went on to tea at Anne's and found Enid there as well as Bet, Alice and Barnaby.

Came back here for supper. Afterwards Grattan rang me up and said he would be very pleased to be trustee for Wilma's settlement. Reg has also agreed to act.

Friday, 8 March

I was indoors all the morning preparing lunch for Aline. She was quite pleasant and natural - very little changed or aged except for being bigger. It all went quite easily and she admired the house. After she left, I washed up and wrote to Reg and then went to tea with Lil.

Saturday, 9 March

I did the usual week-end chores. Mabel came to tea afterwards. I took a longish walk trying to find All Souls, London Rd, St John's Wood. Tracked it down at last.

Rang up Wenham, and heard they were all well down there.

Sunday, 10 March

I went to the 10.15 Communion at St Mark's, Hamilton Terrace. Spent most of the afternoon in the garden, raking the dead grass out of the lawn. In the evening, I went to All Souls, London Rd, to hear Mr Frank Salisbury who was giving the address. I thought him very dull, but rather liked the service.

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