Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Week of 18 March 1946

Monday, 18 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went up to the Embassy, Swiss Cottage and got a seat for the matinee of Red Roses For Me. Came back here for lunch. Anne rang up to tell me they had all driven up from Wenham and that Bet's poisoned finger (she had started a new one) was much better. I met Margot at her new flat (170 Pavilion Rd) and I think she will be able to make it very comfortable. Then on to tea with Mabel.

Tuesday, 19 March

I weeded the front garden in the morning and after lunch went to see Dr Atkinson. A very satisfactory interview, but he found my varicose veins worse and gave me an injection.

I then went on to tea with Lil and we had a nice talk. I felt much better today.

Dr and Mrs Giles next door must be leaving as a pantechnicon has been busy all day taking out furniture.

Wednesday, 20 March

Anne and Sarah came to tea.

Thursday, 21 March

A busy morning cooking lunch for Enid and Elizabeth Thompson. - the latter enthusiastic about the house. Afterwards we all went to see Sean O'Casey's play at the Embassy, Swiss Cottage - Red Roses For Me. I enjoyed it but neither the play nor the performance is great.

Friday, 22 March

Hester slept here

Met Hester at Euston on her way back from school. Drove back here for lunch after which she rested until Anne and Sarah arrived for an early tea. Margot also had it with us. Hester doesn't look right and she has spent most of the term in bed, but it is probably mostly adolescence.

Saturday, 23 March

Hester came with me whilst I got my rations after which we bussed to Selfridge's for ice creams. Then back here where we planted 1/2 doz. plants of fruits and labelled the rose trees. Then Mabel arrived and we all three lunched nearby.

Afterwards I drove Hester to Liverpool St to catch the 2.30 train to Bentley. Then back to return book to Marylebone Library. Then a little mild hoeing before an early tea, and afterwards shampoo and wave at MacArthurs.

Sunday, 24 March

I went to the 10.15 service at St Mark's. Lil came out to tea and afterwards I rolled the lawn.

Felt tired.

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