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Week of 15 April 2006

Monday, 15 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

I did some housework in the morning, lunched with Lil, had tea with Mabel, dropped some flowers for Ethel Browning, and returned in time to cut the lawn before supper.

Tuesday, 16 April

I woke very tired after a disturbed night. Went to Hatchard's for a book for Awly, and to Sutton for seeds. Then lunched at Addison House.

Afterwards met Anne and Sarah at John Barnes and chose birthday frocks for both Sarah and Awly. They came back with me for tea which we had on the loggia. Anne lit the kitchen boiler for me. Rang up Bet after supper. Hester better but not right.

Wednesday, 17 April

I spent practically all day cleaning as the house was beginning to look very dirty.

Rang up Bets. She said Hester was better, and she had taken the children to Dovercourt for the day, and they had had a good time.

Thursday, 18 April

Margot's friend Mary slept here.

Was busy all morning. Mabel came out and we lunched together at Addison House.

In the afternoon I did some washing. After tea I met Kathleen Hill at Farm St for an evening service and went back with her to Selwood St for supper. Her niece Zara Chaplin was there.

Returned here to find Margot had arrived. Her friend Mary is sleeping here over the Easter Holiday.

Friday, 19 April

I went to St Martin's for the Three Hour Service which was conducted by Canon FA Crockin. The church was crowed. I stayed the whole time. Enid and Mabel were also there but we did not sit together. Mabel came out before I did and I found her here on my return. We had tea on the loggia. Afterwards I rolled the lawn. This is Awly's birthday. I rang up Bets and she said she had loved her presents, but was rather lame as she had taken a toss with Bobby yesterday.

Saturday, 20 April

Grattan and Sarah brought Miss Wade down in the car about 10.30 and she and I went to Liverpool St to meet Joan Bruce on her way back from Wenham. We lunched at Stewart's Restaurant, Victoria, got Joan an ice cream at a milk bar and then saw them into the train for Victoria at Horsham.

Enid came to tea which we had out on the loggia.

Sunday, 21 April

I went to the 8 o'clock Communion at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace. A large congregation and the church beautifully decorated. Did not go again. I sat for a little with Ethel Browning before going on to lunch with Mabel. Ethel was very weak but of course fully conscious and able to talk a little. After lunch with Mabel I went across to Enid for a little, and met Amy Birch there. Then back here to tea. Rang up Wenham tonight and heard a better account of them all.

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