Friday, 27 November 2009

Week of 22 April 1946

Monday, 22 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

A lovely bank holiday but by no means warm. I lunched with Enid and afterwards we took mother's commode chair down to 8 Cheltenham Terrace. Ethel is very ill, and they are getting in a Christian Science nurse to be with her at night, till she can be moved to a Christian Science Home in Hampstead. I came back here and sowed some lettuce and flower seeds in the garden.

Tuesday, 23 April

A very bad account of Ethel Browning who had a very disturbed night and is very weak. Anne's char, Mrs Neil, came this morning to give my kitchen a good scrub.

In the afternoon I went out to Sarah's birthday party (3 years old). It was rather 'sticky' from my point of view and I was very tired, but Sarah was in great form. On coming back I interviewed a possible successor to Mrs Keegan - Mrs Leggett - but nothing is yet fixed.

Wednesday, 24 April

Did not stir out of this locality. Rather a satisfactory day as I got the gas meter put in for ?, a gutting tray for the gas cooker, the kitchen sink cleared and a good reference of Mrs Leggett, and have written to engage her. Got through a lot of letter writing.

Thursday, 25 April

I didn't feel up to much. Mrs Neil was here for 5 hours working and my drawing room looks very nice with its polished floor and clean brasses.

I went over tea with Lil. She was in bed feeling poorly and seems like flu.

Friday, 26 April

I lunched at Addison House. I had tea with Mabel. Lil had a high temperature last night and Dr Atkinson saw her today. She is better now. I offered to go over and nurse her but Dr A did not think it either wise or necessary.

Saturday, 27 April

I lunched at home and did some gardening in the afternoon and had tea out on the loggia.

Felt tired and rather depressed. Lil in bed with flu. Temp 103. Taking M & B. A sad account of Ethel who is suffering pain now. Rang up Bet and heard that all was well there.

Sunday, 28 April

Did not go to church but did house cleaning in the morning. Lunch at home and afterwards Margot dropped me in her car at Mabel's. Sat with her till she went over to Lil and then came back here for tea. Saw Enid for a few minutes at her house. Did some gardening between tea and supper, and afterwards some mowing. Lil very poorly with high temp and sickness. Has stopped M & B as she thought it was disagreeing with her.

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