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Week of 29 April 1946

Monday, 29 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

A terribly wet day and rather depressing in all respects. The one bright spot was that I got 10 cwt of anthracite quite unexpectedly , so Margot and I will be able to have hot baths.

A very grave account of Ethel. She had several heart attacks during the night and a second nurse has been got.

Lil is definitely better, though of course she is feeling rotten. Mabel has gone over there to stay.

Tuesday, 30 April

I met Hester and Awly at Liverpool St and brought them back here, having bought ice creams at Marble Arch. Anne and Sarah already here and we had a happy lunch together. Anne and Sarah saw them off at Euston for me.

Enid rang up soon after to tell me that Ethel Browning had died quite peacefully this morning. I went down to Cheltenham Terrace to leave flowers from us all. Then had tea with Enid and saw Mabel for a minute or two afterwards.

Lil is better today. Temp not so high.

Wednesday, 1 May

Pippa and Oswald slept here

I was busy all morning. Pips arrived in time for a picnic cold lunch. Left soon afterwards to get a face treatment at Selfridge's. Anne and Sarah arrived soon afterwards and we spent the afternoon in the garden. Pips and Oswald were here for tea and then went to the Mansion House Banquet.

A lot of family telephoning in the evening. There has had to be a post mortem on Ethel's body and many problems about the funeral service.

Thursday, 2 May

Lil still very seedy with a high temperature and a lot of cough, but Dr Atkinson says nothing on lung and nothing to worry about. Mabel still staying there but they hope to get a nurse tomorrow.

Enid came to tea. She has been very busy helping Ruth with the funeral arrangements. Pippa and Oswald left this morning.

I have engaged a Mrs Homewood to start as morning help next Tuesday.

Friday, 3 May

Lil seemed better this morning but temp up to 103 again later. A nurse came in this evening and Mab has come back to her own house - dead beat after all she has done. She lunched with me at Stewart's today, and saw the sheaf of flowers that Dan had done for Ethel.

I came back here for tea which I had on the loggia. Enid went over to Cheltenham Terrace where she found everyone at loggerheads. Saw Laura Cobbold's death in The Times.

Saturday, 4 May

I left the house at 9 o'clock and went to Mab. She, Enid and I walked down to 8 Cheltenham Terrace. Most of the other people arrived including Hanny. The coffin was covered with wreaths. We were not very impressed with the Christian Science service but the one at the graveside taken by Mr Hilton (Enid's minister) was beautiful.

Got back about 12.30. Lunched with Enid and Dan, and Mabel with Kathleen Hill. She then went out to Lil whilst the nurse was out. Dr Atkinson had been and is coming again tomorrow. She is perhaps slightly better. I got back for tea on the loggia. Very tired. We all are.

Sunday, 5 May

I felt awfully tired and did not come down till nearly lunch time which I had here.

Reg rang up to ask after Lil and came round after lunch for half an hour. He is spending the night at the Paddington Hotel with Joan and Aline.

Lil is perhaps slightly better but her condition is mysterious and unsatisfactory, with very fluctuating temperature. If she is not better tomorrow, I think there will be a consultation.

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