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Week of 6 May 1946

Monday, 6 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mrs Niel came in the morning and I did some chores and lunched at home. Immediately after lunch I went down to Coleherne Court. Lil had had [?] and a temperature of 105 and seemed critically ill. Dr Meadowes from the Westminster Hospital came in consultation with Dr Atkinson at 6.30. I gad rung up GH informally and he came down soon after 5 o'clock and was a great support. Roddy was also there. It was decided to get her into Westminster Hospital, and a night nurse was got. Enid slept at the flat. I got back about 10 o'clock.

Tuesday, 7 May

Lil was fetched to Westminster Hospital in an ambulance about 9.45. She had had a fair night and had seemed more herself. I arrived at the flat soon after, and stayed there most of the morning with Florence tidying up. Lunched with Mabel at Stewart's. Enid and I went to the Westminster at 4 o'clock. The Ward Sister is very uncompromising but allowed me to see her for a few minutes. She did not look more ill than yesterday, but she was very unhappy and confused. We shall only be able to see her on visiting days as she is in a public ward.

Wednesday, 8 May

Margot left this afternoon. She has been here more than 3 months. I rang up GH this morning and he promised to try and see Lil this evening and has done so. Enid, Roddy and I had already seen her this afternoon and found her wonderfully better. When GH saw her she had been moved into a private ward and is greatly pleased to be there. They now think she has had pneumonia.

Thursday, 9 May

I had my windows cleaned for the first time this year and they look very nice. The window cleaner broke a pane in my bedroom window and cut his hand but not badly. Mabel came to lunch after seeing Lil. Both she and Enid thought her very ill but Dr Atkinson and nurse are more satisfied.

Anne and Sarah came over in the afternoon and we all, including Mabel, had tea on the loggia. I rang up Bet after supper and she said she felt really much better for the first time.

Friday, 10 May

I had an early lunch here and then went to Mabel to pick up some things for Lil. Sat with her in the hospital for about an hour. She certainly is better, and much easier to understand but looks very weak and terribly aged.

Came back to tea with Mabel, and Enid came in. Afterwards I dug up the daffodils from Mabel's front garden.

Saturday, 11 May

I spent most of the morning in the kitchen. Mabel lunched here. Looked terribly tired. Left soon after 3 o'clock. I had tea on the loggia.

Interviewed Mrs Parsons as a morning help and am engaging her to start work on Monday 20th, subject to her reference. Also saw a Mrs Burton, recommended by Lady Woodwark [?] and another unnamed applicant. It never rains but it pours. Enid sat with Lil and phoned me a good report. Mrs Rawdon Such came in about 6 o'clock. We had a very pleasant talk and a drink.

Sunday, 12 May

Woke very exhausted but went to morning service at St John's Wood Chapel. The vicar, Gibbs Smith, preached on hope. Bussed both ways. Spent all the rest of the day here, mostly on the loggia where I had tea and wrote letters.

Roddy saw Lil this evening. She was depressed and not so well - temp 103 and a fresh patch on the lung has been discovered and she is to have penicillin. But the ward sister did not think there was any need for anxiety.

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