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Week of 1 July 1946

Monday, 1 July

Wilma, Hester and Awly slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Heard from Pippa in the morning that she had got Reg over at CH as he had had bad pain and the doctor thought it might be appendicitis. Wilma had gone off early to do some typing for Ray at Cheam. She then went out to Hampstead to fetch back Hester and Awly to spend the night here.

Tuesday, 2 July

Wilma slept here

I lunched with Mabel and did some shopping afterwards, getting back for tea. Wilma turned up soon afterwards. She had met Patience for lunch and had afterwards gone to see Mrs Maybury [?].

After supper I went across to Mrs Rawdon Smith's house and saw over it and the garden.

Grattan and Bet fetched Hester and Awly soon after 9 o'clock to go to Cornwall.

Wednesday, 3 July

Wilma slept here

Wilma went out to Anne to help with the children. I lunched at McWhirter's.

Wilma got back for supper and afterwards we worked in the garden and she started on an erection for Mary's compost heap. A lot of telephoning in the evening. Reg better and going back to the farm today where Horie and Joan will go for the weekend to look after him. An operation seems unlikely.

Thursday, 4 July

Wilma slept here

I felt tired and left my packing till the evening. Wilma spent the day with the Bawtrees and came back to supper.

Friday, 5 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace - Maer Bay Hotel, Exmouth

Wilma fetched the car around before our 8 o'clock breakfast and afterwards we drove down to pick up Mabel and her luggage and then on to Waterloo which we reached before 9.30 - quite unnecessarily early. Got into an almost empty first class carriage, lunched in restaurant car, and reached Exmouth soon after 3 o'clock.

Taxied up here. Very pleased with the hotel and its lovely garden and views over links and sea. Had tea and went out on the beach.

Our rooms are small but quite comfortable. I am on the ground floor and Mabel on the third.

Saturday, 6 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

Maer Bay Hotel, Exmouth

Woke to a perfect day. Both of us down for breakfast and afterwards explored the little town and jetty, and bought picture postcards, guide and timetables. Mabel lost her navy cardigan but luckily the police had been notified by the finder. After lunch we rested, and after tea I wrote letters and went round Orcombe? Port whilst Mabel went to retrieve her cardigan. Unluckily the finder was out but she left directions to have it sent to her. After supper we went out for a little. Weather quite perfect and meals very nice.

Sunday, 7 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

I spent the morning in the garden reading The Triumphant Spirit. Mabel went to church. After lunch we bussed over to Budleigh Salterton where Shufie met us, and had tea with her and Phyllis, Letty and her son, Oliver, and were taken up one by one to see Mrs Tyrell who is 90, and very sad but wonderfully like herself.

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