Sunday, 6 December 2009

Week of 24 June

Monday 24 June

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel lunched here and Wilma arrived soon after 7 o'clock in the car with Emily and a lot of paraphernalia. She looks splendid and in good spirits.

Tuesday, 25 June

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I lunched together and in the afternoon she cleaned the Lanchester till Patience arrived for tea. Afterwards Wilma drove Patience back to Hampstead and left the car with them and they looked in on Anne en route.

Wednesday, 26 June

Wilma slept here

Anne and Sarah came to lunch and afterwards we all walked down to Clifton Nurseries and Anne and I brought plants. Then back to tea and after Anne and S had left, Wilma and I gardened till supper-time.

Thursday, 27 June

Wilma slept here

Did local shopping and got my hair waved. Back to lunch and did a little gardening. Mabel came to tea and afterwards Wilma turned up with Tess Bawtree and Jenny. Feeling very tired.

Friday, 28 June

Wilma and Reg slept here

Wilma and I lunched in a very nice restaurant in Abbey Road. Quite a find. Afterwards she walked out with Emily to Patience in the Hampstead Garden Suburb and had tea with her. Reggie turned up about 6 o'clock and we all three had a very pleasant evening together, but I felt very tired. Reg brought lovely flowers, strawberries, eggs and milk!

Saturday, 29 June

Wilma and Reg slept here

Wilma went off in the car with Poodle about 8 o'clock to fetch the Bawtrees and go to Michael's school near Benenden. Reg left about 9.30 to fetch Aline and take her down to Joan's school.

I lunched here and afterward rested before going out to Anne for tea. Grattan had met Bet, Alice and Barnaby at Liverpool St and had driven them out to Hampstead.They all look very well. Bet had brought me up flowers, fruit and vegs.

Sunday, 30 June

I felt very tired and did not come down till 12 o'clock. Mabel arrived soon after and she, Reg, Wilma and I lunched at McWhirter's Restaurant. Reg then left for the farm, dropping Mabel on the way. Soon after, Grattan arrived bringing Anne, Sarah, Betty, Barnaby and Alice. We had a very pleasant afternoon, making jam and gardening, and Grattan came to fetch them back about 6 o'clock.

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