Monday, 14 December 2009

Week of 8 July 1946

Monday, 8 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

Maer Bay Hotel, Exmouth

Spent morning on beach and after lunch bussed to Sidmouth, getting back here just in time for dinner. A sunless enervating day till about 4 o'clock when the sun came out and Sidmouth looked its best. But it is very small and crowded and I would much rather be here. We both felt tired and depressed and the return bus was terribly crowded.

Tuesday, 9 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

We walked into town in the morning and patronized the post office and some shops. Jim and Elsie Woodhouse came to lunch; both of them very pleasant. After tea we walked down to Orcombe Point and paddled, and after dinner sat in the garden for a short time.

Wednesday, 10 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

Another perfect day but Mabel has got a cold. We spent the morning on the beach with our backs to a boat and I paddled.

After tea I went across in the ferry to Starcross. A lovely evening.

Thursday, 11 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

A gorgeous day for our last. In the morning we walked along the cliff for a bit and later paddled at Orcombe Point. Shufil Thompson came over to tea. After dinner we packed and then went out and sat on the top walk overlooking the bay.

A lovely full moon over the sea.

Friday, 12 July

Maer Bay Hotel, Exmouth - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Left Exmouth by 9.50 train and had a through carriage to Waterloo which we reached at 2.30. A very comfortable journey in a first class carriage and a nice lunch in the train. Wilma met us at the station in the car and we dropped Mabel at her house and then came on here where the Bawtree family were on the point of departure. Then drove out to tea with Anne and the children - all very well there. Back to supper.

London feels very stuffy.

Saturday, 13 July

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt very tired and did not get up till nearly lunch time. Wilma and I lunched at McWhirter's.

Afterwards Geraldine arrived and had tea here, and then she and Wilma went off in the car to Hampstead Heath and had a walk there and then stopped at Anne's on their way back.

Got back here for supper.

Sunday, 14 July

Wilma slept here

Wilma and I drove over to Lil's flat and collected some of her clothes, and were received very "affably" by Capt. Fay and wife. We lunched with Mabel and afterwards went in to see Enid. Drove back here and Wilma did some washing. After tea I mowed the lawn and Wilma watered and weeded the garden.

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