Thursday, 31 December 2009

Week of 14 October 1946

Monday, 14 October

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Felt much better and was out in the morning and feeling much better. Lunched at home. Went to see Patience and her new daughter at 3 Wilbraham Peace.

Tuesday, 15 October

Wilma slept here

Continued to feel much better and Dr Moncrieff, who arrived before lunch, was very pleased. My blood temperature has dropped from 210 to 170 which is absolutely normal.

In the evening I went to Prof. Havri Shastri's second lecture on meditation and met Lil there. Found Wilma on my return just back from a day at Plimpton with the Bawtrees. They have seen a possible house.

Wednesday, 16 October

Wilma slept here

Feeling a bit more tired, but did quite a lot of shopping in West End. Lunched at Pelham Grill and sat with Mabel who is in bed with a chill. Looked in on Enid afterwards, who is up after her bad attack of gout, but feeling poorly.

Thursday, 17 October

Wilma and Norah Gallop slept here

I shopped morning and afternoon. Norah Gallop turned up to a late tea, and Wilma soon afterwards.

Friday, 18 October

Wilma and Norah Gallop slept here

Feeling very poorly and stayed in bed till after lunch. Mabel came out in the afternoon and stayed for tea and supper so that I need not go down to the kitchen. Norah Gallop and Tess Bawtree looked in for a minute in the afternoon. Norah brought me some grapes. They later met Wilma at the Casino Theatre to see Pick-Up Girl and afterwards had supper at La Coquille.

Saturday, 19 October

Wilma and Norah Gallop slept here

Still feeling pretty rotten and stayed in bed all day. Mabel came out with a basket full of provisions and had tea with me up in my room. Jeremy had tea in the dining room with Wilma and Norah. There was a great palaver over the financial possibilities of Novington Manor near Plimpton.

Sunday, 20 October

Wilma slept here

Stayed in bed all today, feeling in wretched shape. Wilma was feeling rotten too, but went out to Hampstead to have tea with Anne and Tess.

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