Thursday, 31 December 2009

Week of 7 October 1946

Monday, 7 October

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Felt rotten all day but got a letter from Dr Whittingham to say my blood was splendid.

Tuesday, 8 October

Wilma slept here

Dr Moncrieff came in the morning and told me my blood picture was marvellously good. Blood pressure high. Still 210. Told her of my previous nervous collapses, and she is prescribing for me.

Mabel came to tea and afterwards I went down to the Alliance Hall to hear an Indian lecturer Hari ----- Shastri, with GH in the chair. He went back to dine and sleep with Lil and they dropped me at Victoria.

Tess spent the evening here with Wilma.

Wednesday, 9 October

Wilma and Reg slept here

A fine day, but feeling poorly. Reg turned up for a late tea and Wilma soon afterwards.

I did not feel up to much and went to bed early. Reg thought I looked very pulled down.

Thursday, 10 October

Wilma and Reg slept here

Slept badly and woke feeling rotten but improved during the day. Reg went off soon after breakfast and did not get back till after 10 o'clock. I was still up as Tess and Ray had turned up with Wilma shortly before. They had been to see The Guinea Pig and came back here to supper which they prepared themselves.

It had been suggested that I should go to Swarberg [?] for treatment but he is unable to take further patients at present.

Friday, 11 October

Wilma slept here

A fine day and I felt much better. Reg and I spent the morning in the drawing room and he told me developments up to date. Very sad. We lunched together at the Abbey Rd restaurant, a very good meal. Then he went off and I sat out on the loggia in a blaze of sunshine till Lil arrived with some welcome milk. She was tired but looking wonderfully well. Enid is in bed with a sharp attack of gout.

Saturday, 12 October

Wilma slept here

I continue to feel better. Wilma was out early getting her rations and my priority [?] permit. Then she dashed off to meet Tess and Ray at Waterloo to go to see a house at Chobham Surrey.

Mabel came to tea.

Sunday, 13 October

Wilma slept here

I went to the 10.15 Communion at St Mark's. The first time I had been to church since August 4th!! Wilma lunched here but spent the rest of the day out at Hampstead , not returning till after I was in bed. I listened in to Eric Graham Howe's broadcast but was disappointed in it.

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