Friday, 1 January 2010

Week of 21 October 1946

Monday, 21 October

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling much better, but did not get up till after lunch.

Celia Ryder started work today and seems very pleasant and satisfactory.

Mabel came out to tea and got caught in a cloud burst. Wilma a little better this evening.

Tuesday, 22 October

Wilma slept here

Hoped to go out today, but impossible weather. Lil braved it, and came out to tea with me, bringing in a fine lot of books for Wilma and also some milk. She looks much better in spite of a slight cold. Feeling seedy and has done so for the past week.

Wednesday, 23 October

Wilma slept here

A fine day and I got down to Clifton Rd both morning and afternoon.

Wilma still 'a wretched shape'. She had gone off early in the morning to acquire a pink dinner service at Gorringe's for the Bawtree venture.

Thursday, 24 October

Wilma slept here

Rang up Dr Moncrieff and arranged that she should come and see Wilma this afternoon (late), so Wilma will knock off work early. I have got some fresh cold and did not get up till after lunch and did not go out all day.

Later. Dr Moncrieff came and gave Wilma a complete overhaul. Nothing organic wrong. A nervous condition which will pass. She saw me afterwards and found my blood pressure up again, and thinks I have mild flu.

Friday, 25 October

Wilma slept here. Tess and Jenny too

Went out for first time since my cold and did some local shopping in morning. After lunch went to Harrods to change books, etc. Grattan drove Tess and Jenny over after tea and brought Sarah along too.The children played musical games. Wilma came back later with a heavy cold.

Saturday, 26 October

Wilma slept here. Tess and Jenny too

Tess and Jenny had an early breakfast and left at 7.45 for Charing Cross where they met Ray and went down for Nicky's half term holiday. Did not get back till 9.30. A horrible wet day. Wilma's cold very heavy.

I went out morning and afternoon. Had my hair done at MacArthur's after lunch.

Sunday, 27 October

Wilma slept here. Tess and Jenny too

I felt poorly and stayed indoors all day.

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