Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Week of 15 July 1946

Monday, 15 July

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

A busy morning at home. An early lunch at Clarendon Court and then changed books at Harrods.

Mabel came out to tea.

Tuesday, 16 July

Wilma, Hester and Awly slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elmhurst Farm

Tess and Jenny Bawtree arrived about 11 o'clock, having collected eggs and marrows from Pips at Victoria. Tess made Jo's birthday cake and I packed and lunched at McWhirter's. The others had a picnic lunch in the kitchen. I caught the 3.18 train to Horsham where Reg met me and gave me his usual whole-hearted welcome. Had a nice tea and a stroll outside and then rested till our 9 o'clock supper and aperitif.

Lil rang up to say she was to have another boil lanced tomorrow.

Wednesday, 17 July

Elmhurst Farm

A very pleasant morning, picking and shelling peas, and getting through letters in the drawing room.

In the afternoon we drove over to Brighton and had tea at the Prince Alfred Restaurant, and then on to Glyndebourne. It cleared into a lovely evening and the whole layout looked enchanting. I enjoyed every minute of it, the opera itself (The Rape of Lucretia by B. Britten and Ronald Duncan), the dinner de luxe, and the drive back here afterwards.

A delightful evening.

Thursday, 18 July

We met Pippa in Horsham and I went back with her to CH and had lunch and tea there. Reg fetched me back about 6 o'clock; I did not enjoy the day. I felt tired and out of sorts and I think that everybody else did too.

Friday, 19 July

A much nicer day and I felt much better in myself after a good night with two allonal. In the afternoon Reg and I drove over to see Mrs Norris's Guest House at Abinger Hall Thakenham [?], having tea at the Roundabouts Hotel on our way. We both greatly liked Abinger Hall but they had no suitable accommodation for Lil in September. We came back via Stovington. A lovely drive.

Saturday, 20 July

Reg and I walked down for coffee with Joan Bateson at Elmhurst Home Farm and afterwards took a walk through the woods. Both felt very tired when we got back.

In the afternoon went to Horsham for some shopping. Reg felt thoroughly done in afterwards, and I was not up to much either.

Sunday, 21 July

Reg and I felt much more on the spot. In the afternoon we did some listing of linen.