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Week of 22 July 1946

Monday, 22 July

Wilma, Tess, Ray and Jenny slept here

Elmhurst Farm

Horie came over in the morning and in the afternoon. Pippa fetched me and drove me first into Horsham and then to CH where we had a very nice tête à tête tea and she picked flowers for me to take back to town. Reg fetched me later and we had a very nice evening together.

Tuesday, 23 July

Wilma slept here

Elmhurst Farm - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg drove me to Horsham to catch the 10.42 train to Victoria. I then drove to Pelham Place and left raspberries for Enid and Mab.

Stopped at Jane Brown to get something for lunch and then home. Found an empty house as the Bawtrees had left and Mrs Neal had failed me. Mabel came to tea, also Anne and Sarah. Wilma came back later after her first day at Lovell, White and King.

Wednesday, 24 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

A very hot day but I managed to get a good draught through the house and feel better for my time at Elmhurst.

Lunched out on the loggia and did not go beyond my local beat. After Wilma got back from her work we watered the garden.

Thursday, 25 July

Reg slept here. Also Wilma

I lunched with Enid, saw Mabel afterwards and got back to make Reggie's bed, etc.

He turned up in time for tea in very good spirits. He is dining Aline at the Berkeley.

Friday, 26 July

Wilma slept here.

Reg went to Paddington after breakfast to meet Joan. Aline was also there and he drove them back to A's flat, but didn't feel very well and came back before 12 o'clock. We sat and talked in the kitchen till one when we went and lunched at Grove End Mansions in Abbey Rd - a new venture and very nice. He went back to Horsham in his car soon afterwards. I went out to Oxford St later in afternoon and got caught in the storm.

Saturday, 27 July

Wilma slept here.

I felt most awfully tired and didn't get up till nearly lunch time.

Wilma lunched with Anne but got back for tea to meet Dan.

Sunday, 28 July

Wilma slept here.

I didn't feel well and stayed in bed till nearly lunchtime. Afterwards went to tea with Mabel. Wilma went down to the Bawtrees in the afternoon and didn't get back till after 11 pm.

Anne, Grattan and Sarah drove out to Missenden to see a house for sale, but it was not suitable.

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