Sunday, 6 December 2009

Week of 17 June 1946

Monday 17 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

I went over to tea with Anne and Sarah and rang up Wenham after supper.

Tuesday, 18 June

Mabel lunched here and in the evening I went to the Mercury Theatre to see La Maison de Bernada. Took Kathleen Hill. Fascinating but a horribly grim play.

Wednesday, 19 June

Ruth Browning came to lunch and stayed for an early tea after which I went to McArthur for a shampoo and wave.

Thursday, 20 June

I went down to the Graces to see Lil - arrived for lunch and stayed till tea, getting back about 7 o'clock.

Thought Lil very distinctly better but still looking very white and delicate. She took a little turn in the garden in the afternoon and was very feeble on her legs. She had lunch and tea up in her bedroom.

Friday, 21 June

I was busy all morning preparing lunch for GH. Very pleasant. In the afternoon Mabel turned up for an early tea after which I went to see the film of the Victory Parade in Technicolor.

Then home to write letters after which I started cutting the lawn - very heavy work. Rang up Lil in the evening.

Saturday, 22 June

Did some shopping in morning. Lunched at home and gardened in the afternoon. Enid came out to tea.

Sunday, 23 June

I went to morning service at St Marylebone Parish Church were Mother was married. Back to lunch on the loggia where I also had tea. Did quite a bit of gardening.

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