Sunday, 20 December 2009

Week of 9 September 1946

Monday, 9 September

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I still feel poorly. A woman came to see me about morning work, and I took up her reference but it was not satisfactory. Got a spade in Edgware Rd and when Wilma came back from her work she cut the lawn edge - a very big improvement.

Tuesday, 10 September

Wilma slept here. Also Lil le M

Mrs Neal came to give the house a good clean up. Lil arrived about 3.30 and is settled down comfortably.

Wednesday, 11 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

Lil slept well and is comfortably settled down. Her doctor came to see her this morning.

Mabel came to tea, and Emily and I walked with her afterwards to St John's Wood Chapel.

Wilma has a bad cold.

Thursday, 12 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

Lil's doctor called for her early and took her to the Homeopathic Hospital for Infra Red Treatment.

I rested in the afternoon. After tea we went to St Marylebone Parish Church for the service in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Robert and Elizabeth Browning. Mabel was also there and we met afterwards. In the evening I had a distressing phone conversation with Lily Carr about Ruth.

Friday, 13 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

Very busy all the morning. Lil came with me to lunch at McWhirter's restaurant and afterwards went to the hospital for her treatment.

Mrs Priestnall [?] came to work in the afternoon and seemed nice and competent.

Saturday, 14 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

I felt very tired. Lil's boil much better after a third infra red treatment at the hospital.

Sunday, 15 September

Wilma and Lil slept here

The morning was occupied with domestic chores and Sunday joint. In the afternoon Wilma and I went out to tea with Patience and family.

Lil lunched with Roddy at the RAC.

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