Thursday, 3 December 2009

Week of 20 May 1946

Monday, 20 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mrs Parsons started work this morning and seems nice.

I sat with Lil in the afternoon. She had had a better night and admitted she was better but was very unstrung, and much upset to hear of some jewellery that Enid had been unable to find in the flat. Had tea with Mabel who had had her first treatment for her bad arthritic hand. Saw Enid after tea and then came home.

Rang up GH after lunch to give him a report of Lil.

Tuesday, 21 May

I felt poorly in the morning and stayed in bed till lunch-time. Returned my book at the Marylebone Library. Went to the Mercury Theatre in the evening to meet Kathleen to see A Phoenix Too Frequent ( but they were not there and I finally discovered that I had made a mistake in the day. A much better report of Lil today.

Wednesday, 22 May

I felt very tired. Stayed mostly in home and garden. Mowed the lawn after tea.

The new "installation" for my electric hot water system was put in today. I also heard that I was to get more boiler fuel.

Good report of Lil. Some people are to view her flat tomorrow and Enid is meeting them there.

Thursday, 23 May

I lunched at home and afterwards visited Lil and found her much better. The penicillin is to be stopped, and Dr Meadowes who came in whilst I was there, thinks she will be up by the end of the week.

Enid met two prospective tenants at Lil's flat this morning, and I think a Mrs Whittaker will take it for four months.

I came back to find Mabel had been waiting here for an hour unable to get in. We had tea on the loggia and she stayed for supper. Received 10 cwt of anthracite.

Friday, 24 May

Anne and Sarah came to tea. I started up the new electric water system for the first time and it reached boiling point within 4 hours. Mr Bull had to come and do some adjusting.

The tenant for Lil's flat has fallen through but there are various other possibles. Mabel was with Lil this afternoon and said she looked ghastly.

Saturday, 25 May

I felt very tired and stayed in bed part of the morning. After lunch I went to Westminster Hospital and sat with Lil for over an hour. She was very low and depressed but better by the time I left her. I had tea with Mabel and got back here about 6.30. Rang up Wenham and heard that all was well there.

Sunday, 26 May

I felt very tired and stayed in bed till nearly lunch. Went to Westminster Hospital and sat with Lil for an hour. She was very low and sad in spite of having had a good night. Then I went on to tea with Mabel.

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